quilting drool

Last summer while I was visiting with Misty, she pointed me in the direction of a very talented fabric designer, named Amy Butler. Since then, I’ve been drooling over her fabrics online, but with nowhere to buy them from, I was relegated to just drooling. This morning, while Sean and I were up in town for various errands, I convinced him to let me run by a quilt shop to look for some fabric for one of my handkerchief quilts (more on these later). What I found was a gold mine. Another quilting friend of mine had recommended the quilt shop, so it was my first time in there. What do I see upon entering the store? Amy Butler fabrics. I am now in possession of about 6 yards of various Amy Butler fabrics, with the full intention of going back and getting more in the near term future. First project? A market bag that I’ve been dying to make.