kudzu news

I’ve been waiting on posting about this until Sean and I really had something to report. A couple weeks ago, we noticed that Kudzu had a chunk of fur missing along her back. That worried us, so we scheduled a visit with her vet and Sean took her in one morning. The vet did some blood work on Kudzu and checked out a few other vitals. The diagnosis was feline hyperthyroidism. The illness is pretty much the same thing as what happens in humans. In fact, the treatment options are pretty much the same as well. The options that we were given were 1) shove a pill down Kudzu’s throat twice a day, 2) have Kudzu’s thyroid gland surgically removed or 3) have Kudzu undergo radiation treatment that targets the “sick” cells and kills them while leaving the “healthy” cells.

After doing a lot of research on the illness, it wasn’t a very hard decision for Sean and me to make. The first two options have a lot of risk involved and aren’t really cures. The third option, on the other hand, is a cure with low risk and very low potential for recurrence. We’re really lucky being in Phoenix, because we had two choices of locations to take Kudzu for treatment. Our vet specifically recommended one location, Arizona Veterinary Specialists. Today, we took Kudzu in for her initial scan and so that we could talk to the oncologist who would be caring for her. I have to admit that I immediately loved the technician and the oncologist. They were incredibly friendly and very informative. I honestly left Kudzu for her first stay with a lighter heart.

So, tonight, we are a single cat family. Kudzu has to stay overnight after her first scan because of the chemicals they have to use to scan her thyroid. After tonight, she’ll go back on a Monday and stay for the whole week. She’ll get injected with Iodine-131 on Monday and spend the rest of the week in isolation while the radioactive material leaves her system. After that, we’ll have to take her back to our vet at 1 month and 3 months for blood work to make sure her thyroid has responded to the treatment as expected. All of the doctors are very optimistic right now. No one seems to believe that Kudzu is 16 years old. So, please keep us and her in your thoughts over the coming weeks. I’ll keep everyone posted on how things go.