A Study In Purple

I swear there was a reason I’ve been absent the past couple of weeks of posting here. It involves me, some friends getting married and the fact that they didn’t register anywhere for gifts. So, 3 weeks ago, I started to panic a little bit about what to get them for a wedding gift (Sean was blissfully unaware of this as most guys are when it comes to wedding gifts). That was when I decided to make them a small quilt. Just something to snuggle underneath on the couch, but big enough to use.

Jeff is a Kansas State alumn and Suny’s favorite color is purple, so it became obvious what color the quilt would be.

I didn’t want to do anything terribly difficult because I knew I’d be on a deadline with little time (read: weekends) to work on it. Strip quilt! I had 7 fabrics all based on a batik that I already had in my fabric stash. After hanging those on my design wall, I decided to shake it up a bit and added an 8th strip to repeat that was a combination of the other 7 fabrics. So, each strip repeats 3 times in the quilt.


To frame out such a continuous amount of color, I decided to just go for a simple black border. It’s 4 inches in width which gives it a nice frame and increases the size of the quilt decently enough.


I went with a simple black backing as well, but to keep it from being boring and since I was going to have to piece the back anyway, I tossed in a strip of the concentration fabric from the front.


I used the stippling method for quilting so that the curves would keep the quilt from being too straight and boring. It was fun to quilt using that method, but definitely hard. After that, it was just a matter of binding the edges and I was done. A little of the batik found it’s way into the binding as well. 😉


Overall, I’m really pleased with the results. I’m still learning and this is the first time I’ve used a machine to quilt in ages (the past several quilts have been hand quilted), but I’m pleased with it and I’m sure my friends will enjoy it. Hope you guys like the pics! Hopefully this weekend, I’ll resume my weekly menu posts at the very least.

quilting drool

Last summer while I was visiting with Misty, she pointed me in the direction of a very talented fabric designer, named Amy Butler. Since then, I’ve been drooling over her fabrics online, but with nowhere to buy them from, I was relegated to just drooling. This morning, while Sean and I were up in town for various errands, I convinced him to let me run by a quilt shop to look for some fabric for one of my handkerchief quilts (more on these later). What I found was a gold mine. Another quilting friend of mine had recommended the quilt shop, so it was my first time in there. What do I see upon entering the store? Amy Butler fabrics. I am now in possession of about 6 yards of various Amy Butler fabrics, with the full intention of going back and getting more in the near term future. First project? A market bag that I’ve been dying to make.