living room changes

This past Thanksgiving, while my parents were making their annual visit out to Phoenix, Sean and I decided it was time to put new flooring into our living room. We’ve had carpet in the room for the past five years (since the house was built in 2004) and with our living room being such a high traffic area, the carpet just hasn’t held up well. After doing some shopping around, we settled on laminate wood flooring from IKEA. It sounds cheapo, but the flooring got just as good of reviews as comparable flooring and was way cheaper.

Living Room Before Shot:

Underlayment in our entry way (This is the first layer to go down before the flooring):

Finished Flooring (no baseboards or furniture yet):

Everything Finished (with furniture moved back, too!):

Since the flooring was going to be ripped up and Sean had access to the area between our floor and walls, we finally put the surround sound in that we’ve wanted since buying the house. We even did the smart thing and put wall plates with plugs in the ceiling so that we can take the speakers with us when we move.

Surround Sound:

So, that’s what we did over Thanksgiving weekend. It really took us almost the entire weekend, too. We made several trips to our local Ace Hardware as well as the Lowe’s and Home Depot up in town. We also ate a lot of our meals outside on our patio (it’s chilly in the mornings/evenings by November!). My parents were a great help. I really don’t think we would have gotten it done without them. Thanks guys!