Rowan’s Quilt

I recently finished a quilt for the latest addition to our family, my niece Rowan. I used a deceptively simple pattern for it called Square Play. I really liked how it turned out as it gave each of the fabrics that I used a chance to really pop out.

This was a nerve wracking quilt to make. It was the first quilt I’ve ever made where I ordered all of the fabrics for it online. Have I mentioned that color matching based on photos online is a little unnerving? Are the colors true? Are the proportions right? You get the idea. The story ends well, since I’m pleased with the results.

If you want to see more pictures of the quilt, just click on one of the photos and that will take you to the set on Flickr.

Since I’d like to start keeping a list of what fabrics I use for each of the quilts, I figure here’s a good forum for that. So here goes.
Prince Charming Turtle Bay, Aqua
Valori Wells Wrenly Wildfield, Gypsy
Valori Wells Wrenly Rosette, Cerulea
Valori Wells Wrenly Bloom, Cobalt Blue
Valori Wells Wrenly Ingrid, Cobalt
Valori Wells Wrenly Wildfield, Cobalt
Valori Wells Wrenly Wildfield, Cherry
Valori Wells Wrenly Boho Stripe, Cerulean
Valori Wells Wrenly Bloom, Citrus
Valori Wells Wrenly Wren, Cobalt Blue
Valori Wells Wrenly Bloom, Mandarin

ocean waves

I’ve been dying to post about this, but I didn’t want to put pictures up until the quilt had actually been given to its recipient. Sean’s sister Amy just had her first baby 6 weeks ago and as our baby gift to them, I wanted to make up a quilt. I’m really pleased with how it all came out.


I wound up trying my hand at piecing a backing for the quilt also. I used the same fabrics as the front, but just did strips that were split out with leftover squares from the front.


I hand quilted a simple wave pattern across the whole quilt and the inside border got it’s own wave pattern going all the way around the quilt. There are a couple more pics of the fabrics as I started the quilt if you click through the photo set.

All in all, I think it was quite successful and Amy really liked it, which is the part that counts.