Monkey Dust!

This may be the stranges/funniest thing I have found in a very long time.

If you must find more search on YouTube for Monkey Dust

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This one hits home

Finally a brief history of the Interweb

When Sitting Becomes…….. Weird

Now I do understand that sitting at a desk all day long is not good for you. I know I was in better shape when I did not have a desk job. But for goodness sakes people, please do not succumb to the horrors of “The Hawaii Chair”

I don’t know if it is the chair itself, or that the people demonstrating the product act like nothing is going on, but I still have not been able to watch through the whole video.

fashion note

You know that you work with a big bunch of geeks when you’re sitting in a meeting and notice that one of the guys sitting next to you is wearing a gray shirt, gray pants, blue socks and black shoes. Can someone please point out the part of this outfit that does not match with the rest?!