week in recap

Since last week I had no time to post anything, I’ll post a quick recap of the week for those interested.
Work was busy, as usual. Even whilst waiting on a clearance, Tony manages to find a million things for me to do. I’ve even created a task list just for him so that I can keep track of the endless bits of programming I need to get done.
Wednesday night was cool. We had a beautiful lightning storm come through. Sean and I even got into the car and drove out a little ways so that there were no lights around and just watched the storm. Gorgeous.
Thursday morning was bad. As a result of our lightning storm watching, we had opened the sunroof of the Focus. Thursday morning we realized that the sunroof didn’t want to shut completely. While trying to help my husband get the sunroof shut, my right pointer finger got jammed. To quote Sean, “I never want to hear that sound you made out of you again.” I completely concur. I still have a blood blister on the finger and it’s still pretty numb on the end, but as far as I can tell, nothing broke. Even if it did, there’s not much you can do about it. Just let it heal on it’s own.
Thursday night we headed to one of our favorite bars/breweries here in town, Four Peaks Brewery, to say good-bye to two of the interns that were headed back to college. Much good food and beer was consumed.
Friday night, Sean and I crashed hard. Tasty sesame pork lo mein was prepared and consumed.
Saturday and Sunday was “get more unpacking done around the home”. We got boxes unpacked and out of the garage, which means Sean can finally park in the garage now. Shelving was bought to store said unpacked goods. Shopping trips to Target, Home Despot, World Market and Sam’s Club ensued to purchase various items for the home.
Sunday, I spent the day attempting to get part of my D*Con costume put together. I discovered how much I rely on having feeling in my right fingers to sew. Thus, sewing was a little sluggish, but I got the worst part of the costume done. The other parts are straight lines and only a little bit of elastic (thank goodness, I’m sick of elastic).
Today started a fresh, new week. My car is finally in the shop to get the white paint off of it. It’s also getting completely detailed, so I’ll take the opportunity of my car looking gorgeous to finally get some pictures of it taken and posted. Thursday, Geof arrives. Friday, Kara, Matt & Danny come over for dinner and a chance to see the house. Saturday, we take Geof around Phoenix and we head to Bank One Ballpark for a game. All in all a busy week.

a week later

It’s been an official week since we moved into our new home. That still sounds weird. We spent over two months living in a tiny hotel room where we kept telling ourselves that soon, soon we would have our home. Now we live in it. We’ve spent a week commuting into work. We have everything hooked up and rooms are starting to take shape.

Boxes are still scattered all around the house. We won’t have boxes out of this house for a few more months. In our old home, we were forced into putting so much of our stuff into storage because we didn’t have the floor space for storage options. Now, we have the floor space, but not the storage options.

To say that I am pleased with this house is a huge understatement. I love this house. I never imagined we would get so much out here in Phoenix when so much of our lives have changed by moving out here. We have the type of house that we really wanted. Our commute is not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. We had originally estimated that it would take 45-60 minutes to get into work. Instead, we can get to my office, at least, in 35-45 minutes. We have a grocery store right around the corner (almost literally) so we don’t have to plan grocery shopping trips based on when we’ll be closer into the city. We do, though, make the sacrifice of not being able to just randomly come and go to our house throughout the day while on errands. We make our list, we run our errands and then we come home. It’s not bad, but it’s different from living in the middle of everything.

This weekend, we’re going to spend our first quiet weekend at the house. We’ve got boxes that at least have to be opened and checked for damage (a few things got damaged, but thankfully everything was insured, so I’m not too worried). I have a costume that I need to start for Dragon*Con, which is coming up in only a few more weeks. Most of all, though, I think Sean and I are just going to enjoy being here.

our house (in the middle of the street)

We moved into our house this weekend. Yes, I’m sure all of you guys are glad to hear that we will not be making a million more posts about the building and finishing of our house. Admittedly, though, our lives have centered around this house being finished so that we could move in. Anyway… The house is finished. Our boxes and furniture now reside in it.

For those of you who know me, I’m sure it will come as no surprise to know that the one room in the house that’s completely unpacked and put together is the kitchen. Everything is put away, we have some food in the fridge, a lot of food in the pantry and we actually have cabinet space. I still can’t believe it myself. There’s actual room in this kitchen. I think Sean and I estimated that it’s a 4-butt kitchen. There are 3 good prep areas within the kitchen and the bar countertop is wide enough that it is easily another prep area. The fridge, with the washer and dryer, were delivered on Sunday. We’ve already run several loads of laundry through the washer and dryer. We love our happy washer and dryer. The fridge is pretty schweet, too. We’re slowly but surely loading it up with food.

The guest bedroom has a bed set up in it for Sean’s parents to sleep on. It’s got a wall of boxes left to unpack and then bits and pieces of furniture, but it’s low on our unpacking priority list. The master bedroom is in slightly better condition. The living room still has boxes scattered everywhere, but the TV and sound system are hooked up. That, also, should be no surprise. The server closet is quickly getting set up. We have the cable modem working (got set up on Saturday) and the wireless works pretty well throughout the house. I want to see how far I can go outside with it still working. The rest of the house consists of boxes. I’ll take pictures tonight and upload them. One of these days, the house will look normal, but most likely not until after November when the IKEA opens up out here, although Sean is currently trying to convince me that a trip to San Diego and it’s IKEA is a good idea.

Maybe now our lives can return to normal.

large checks

Buying a house means that you get to write several large checks in a short period of time. For me, this will be the first time that I’ve ever had to write said checks. Even last time we bought a house, we had no downpayment, thus no large check. This time is a little different. We have the equity from the our old house. This means that when I walk into the mortgage office for our closing, I get to put pen to checkbook and write a sizable check.

Last night, though, was the first of these large payments that we put down. We got our fridge, washer and dryer last night. The fridge is quite nice. It’s the LG French Door fridge with a bottom freezer. As I joked last night, it’s the three-door hatchback fridge. We also got the LG Tromm washer/dryer set that we wanted. We didn’t by anymeans pick the cheapest appliances, but after having to settle last time around for what was reasonable, we were determined this time around to buy what we wanted. Thus nice appliances. It still didn’t make that $3700 price tag seem any easier to look at, though. *waves to the money that we had for a short while*

settling down again

Since getting out to Arizona, Sean’s and my major objective has been to find a house to buy out here. Our house back in Huntsville is planned to close on July 15 and we’d like to have a new house to move into shortly after that.

Yesterday, after two days of very frustrating house hunting, we found the perfect house. It’s a spec house, which means that it’s built, but we get to pick the finishing touches. It’s very exciting. The commute is very reasonable and the house price is outstanding. Pictures will be forthcoming as the house is finished. This afternoon when I go out to sign some paperwork, I’ll try to get some snapshots of the outside, since that part is pretty much finished.