end of the weekend

The end of the weekend is fast approaching. Last week was the first week in about 4 that I’ve had to work a full 5-day work week. I know, I know, everyone’s feeling oh so sympathetic for me. Still, it is what it is. After five days at work, I was exhausted. I’ve taken on a new project at work recently and adding that to everything else already on my plate is causing my plate to overfloweth. I’ll find a way to deal with it.

This weekend was busy but a lot of fun. Saturday morning, Aimee and Jake’s neighbors got together and held a neighborhood yard sale. Sean and I brought a few things up that we’ve been needing to get out of the house lately. Our old TV, my old desk and our dishwasher were the three big things that went up. A few other items went up as well, including our old PS2. At the end of the morning, when Sean and I had to head home, we had managed to spend five hours catching up with our friends and selling all of our stuff except for the dishwasher. It got loaded back into the truck and donated a few blocks away. Yeah! No more dishwasher in our garage! It’s only been sitting in our garage for about 8 months now. I’m so happy to get it out of there, I can’t even begin to tell you.

Saturday evening, we had friends over to our house for dinner and non-video gaming. We feel so bad that we have all of these wonderful games sitting on a shelf next to our dining table and we rarely bring them out. Sean smoked a beef brisket and I prepped a few tasty side dishes to go along with the main course. It turned into a lot of fun with lots of laughter. Hopefully, we’ll have more friends over soon to play again. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed having friends over just to play games like that.

Today started off pleasantly lazy with a cup of tea and a good book out on our back porch. The weather is the perfect, sunny, cool weather that made me fall in love with living in Phoenix. I’m enjoying it while I can, because I know that all too soon it will get hot and I will only want to spend time inside. We got a few errands run today and I finally got around to staining an old shaving mirror that my parents rescued from my grandfather’s house in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. My parents had to strip it and clean it off with bleach solution. My dad also had to pretty much completely reassemble it since all of the glue had dissolved during the week that the house was underwater. After they were done cleaning it up, my mom asked me if I wanted it and I gladly accepted it. I don’t really have much from my grandfather’s house, so it means a lot for me to get this. They brought it out two Thanksgivings ago and it’s been sitting in my office since then. This morning, I told myself that I would get a replacement mirror for it and restain it today. It’s currently sitting in the garage drying after the first coat of stain. I’ll most likely have to do one more coat of stain and then seal it, but when I’ve got it all done, I’ll post pictures of it. I’m really proud of how it’s turning out. The stain is taking beautifully to the wood. When I’m done, it’ll go into the guest bedroom so that guests finally have a mirror to use in that room.

Tonight, Sean’s sitting downstairs in his office finishing our taxes. I’m working on the rest of our finances upstairs in my office. In a few minutes, we’ll both have to drag ourselves away to get some dinner or we won’t eat today. I’m sad that the weekend’s already almost over, but at least it’s been filled with laughter and friends and fun. I couldn’t have been more fortunate.

photo mania weekend

While watching the Super Bowl commercials (we don’t really watch the game, we fast forward through the game and just watch the commercials), I got through the backlog of photos that have been sitting on my computer since Labor Day weekend. Yes, I’m a slacker. Yes, I’ve been busy and just haven’t had the motivation until recently to start going through my photos again. So, without further ado, here are some links to the photos that I’ve finally posted.

Atlanta Aquarium – While we were in Atlanta before driving to Amy & Jack’s wedding, we decided to visit the new Atlanta Aquarium. We were really glad we did because it was beautiful.

Amy & Jack’s Wedding – Since I was a bridesmaid in the wedding and Sean was a groomsman, we didn’t get any shots of the actual wedding, but I did get a few of Amy and Stephanie getting their hair done up.

Tortilla Flats – Miata vs Corvette Drive-Out – Every once in a while Sean and I convince our friend Nathaniel to bring his Corvette Z06 out. On this particular day, there were no clouds in the sky (a pre-requisite for the car being taken out of the garage) and the weather cooperated with us for a beautiful drive out to Tortilla Flats.

Chiricahua Mountains – Sean and I needed a weekend to unplug so we drove out to the middle of nowhere (I’m not kidding, look on a map) and went camping for a weekend. All electronics were off. Just a fire, a tent and ourselves to keep each other company. It was wonderful.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum – While my parents were out here at Thanksgiving, we took a day trip out to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. There was supposed to be fall color out there. We didn’t see very much fall color, but the grounds were still very beautiful and we all had a pleasant hike around the property.

Grand Canyon – New Year’s 2008 – Lisa asked if we could all go to the Grand Canyon this past Christmas when they came out. We wound up driving to Flagstaff and taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon. The drive was gorgeous and there was just enough snow around to make all of us happy.

Flagstaff – New Year’s 2008 – On our way back from the Grand Canyon with Sean’s parents, we drove down through Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon. Several pretty winter pictures resulted.

Huntsville Visit With Friends – Sean and I flew back to Huntsville recently to visit friends and family for a weekend. Misty & Stephen held a gathering for us while we were back so we could see everyone and the latest generation of geeks that have been born lately.

Liza’s Quilt – If you’ve asked me what project I’ve been working on for the past year and a half or so, my answer would have been this quilt. I could only work on it every once and a while and hand quilting is not fast, but it was worth every second of work once I finished it.

a trip back to my roots

Sean and I flew back to Huntsville this past weekend for a little friend time and a little family time (not an easy compromise since both parties apparently like seeing us whenever possible). The weekend was wonderful. We spent some great time with three of our best friends, talking and catching up. At some point on Friday night, someone even made the comment, “It’s like you guys never left!” I was too busy slurping down the blissful nectar of the gods also known as sweet tea to notice who made the comment, but I felt like it was a rather fitting theme for the weekend.

Many hours were spent with family and friends. It was sad having to get on the plane on Monday afternoon, but jobs and our cats awaited us back in Phoenix. This week has been rather rough getting back into the rat race. We got home really late Monday night (Tuesday morning is a better way of putting it), so we’ve been running low on sleep all week. This weekend will hopefully fix that.

I’ll also hopefully get around to posting some photos this weekend. I’ve got some photos of our visit to the Atlanta Aquarium in August, Grand Canyon photos from December and then this past weekend’s trip to Alabama. I’ve also got photos of my latest quilt (Hi Liza!) project completed. I’ll post more as soon as I get them uploaded.