Climbing back into shape

So I am lazy, lazy enough lately to let my weight get to the biggest I have ever been.

I plan on fixing that. And Kat is helping me.

A group of her co-workers has organized a group of people to take a hike every Saturday starting last week and going until… will until it gets hot again (only supposed to be 104 today!). Currently the climb is Camelback Mountain up in Phoenix, and while it is only 1.25 miles long, it goes up just over 1200 Ft in elevation. We have been doing the Echo Canyon Trail, it is the most popular. It is also the biggest stairmaster I have ever been on. I would like to tell you all about the beauty of the trail, the wildlife like hummingbirds and lizards but honestly I am concentrating on making it up the hill.

We did go last week and I was sore up until, well I was still a bit sore this morning, but we did it again. Right now it is taking us over an hour to get up, we have our fastest member doing it around 40 or so. In two places the city has put in handrails, not to keep you on the trail but because the rock face is so steep you need to use them to haul yourself up. When we get in better shape, pictures might come but for now we are carrying water and energy boosters and that is about it (oh and my inhaler).

So here is to strenuous climbs and smaller bellies.

If you want to take a look at what the climb sort of looks like, I found this video of a person doing it in 25 minutes, the run it a 2x but you can see the railings at around 3:25 and 4:15, it looks like they take a slightly different path, you you can see the boulder fields (2)you have to climb up to get to the top- Google Video

the diet, day eleven: and we’re spent

Day Eleven
Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with cheese
Lunch – Chicken and grapes
Water: ~100 oz.

To say that we’re both glad to be done with this diet is an understatement. Eating a piece of red meat was absolutely exquisite this evening. We have five eggs left in our fridge and I think the closest to a whole egg I’m going to be eating for a little while will be french toast.

Tomorrow, Sean goes in for his nose job. Afterwards, he’ll be spending the next day or two eating things like homemade chicken noodle soup and smoothies. Hopefully, by Sunday he’ll be up to more solid foods, because we’re headed to some friends to watch MotoGP on TV and munch on gumbo. Yes, folks, my cooking bug is back with a vengeance now that I can cook freely again. We’re going to both be much more watchful of portions and calorie intake, but it’s nice to indulge a little bit.

Not too much to say about today, other than that I’m once more very glad to be done with the diet. The restricted menu was nice for a while, but the repetitiveness started to get on both of our nerves after the first half. Overall success was that Sean and I both lost about 6 pounds. Not too bad. Most of that weight, of course, was lost in the first week, which leads me to feel that perhaps this diet could work in smaller doses. Perhaps in a few more weeks I’ll be interested in trying that theory out. We’ll see. For now, I hope everyone has a lovely evening. Sean and I are going to get a good night’s rest and get to the surgery center first thing in the morning.

the diet, day ten: looking back

Day Ten
Breakfast – “Delicious” Egg Omelette
Lunch – Oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon
Snack – Cottage Cheese
Dinner – Chicken
Water: ~ 110 oz.
Weight: 177.8

This second week has been all out annoying. I have honestly tried all day to find a way to put a positive spin on it, but gave up when I weighed myself at the gym this afternoon. By the second week of the diet, you lose almost no weight and you’re tired of the same meals over and over again. I’m greatly looking forward to eating a “real” dinner tomorrow night.

Having the power go out on you first thing in the morning is not condusive to eating a hot breakfast. Our power went out at 5am this morning. A substation blew. The power was back on by 10am, but by that point we had left the cats with lots of water, closed all of our shades to conserve the temperature and headed up to my office. The grill lady in our cafeteria actually makes a really good omelette for breakfast. Plus side, Sean finally got to see the inside of my office building after a year of me working there. Down side, we got to wake up 20 minutes late this morning because we didn’t have an alarm clock to assist us in the matter. Oh well, life goes on. Our house is currently cool and power once more flows.

Not much more to say. I’ve bemoaned the ups and downs of the diet. It’s been a great experience. I mean, I lost over 5 and a half pounds. That’s a good thing. Clothes fit much better as a result. It’s the first step in the right direction for me. Next time, I think I’m going to modify it to consist of a week instead of two weeks. In the mean time, Sean and I have developed better eating habits and we’re becoming happier with ourselves. That’s what’s most important right now.

the diet, day nine: almost there

Day Nine
Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs with cheese
Lunch – Roast Beef Sandwich
Snack – PB&J half-sandwich
Dinner – “Delicious” Egg Omelette with bacon, onions and green peppers
Water: ~ 116 oz.

Okay, I lied to you. I’m horrible, I know. I said at the beginning of this diet that getting through the first day would be the hardest thing I would do while on the diet. I lied. Outright. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I lied. Granted, at the time, I didn’t know I was lying to you, but I still lied. As my friend, Diane, told me, the last three days would be the hardest. I had no idea. How could I have known how sick of eggs I would be or how I would begin to loathe every drop of water or diet soda that made it into my system. I am so tired of eating eggs, I can’t even begin to tell you. Cheese no longer makes eating scrambled eggs worth it. Yes, you heard me right. A self-proclaimed cheese addict just said that even cheese doesn’t make something worth eating. I’m ready to eat seafood again. I miss seafood. I’m also ready to eat steak and other highly carnivorous cuts of meat. Thank goodness this diet is almost over. I don’t think I could ever do this again. I could do a week, but not two weeks. No. Two weeks would absolutely kill me.

I’ve noticed a new habit I’ve formed at work while I’m on this diet. Between lunch and snack time, I watch the minutes tick away. When I get to work, I ignore the clock. Most of the time, my coworkers have to remind me that it’s lunch time. After my snack, the afternoon whizzes by before Sean picks me up. The two and a half hours between lunch and my snack, though, drag forever. I look at my watch every couple of minutes. I get twitchy. I have a hard time concentrating. I go nearly crazy waiting for those two and a half hours to be up before I can eat my snack. It’s not that I’m hungry. In fact, usually when that time’s up, I won’t eat my snack right away. I’ll just note what time it is to myself and then start working again. I always eat my snack. It’s just that once those two and a half hours are up, I can eat my snack whenever I want. It’s almost like my mind becomes obsessed with the limitation of waiting two and a half hours between lunch and my snack that it can’t concentrate on other things. Then, once that time’s up, it goes about its own business and I can get back to my life.

I really need to get off this diet. Two more days. I can do this.

the diet, day eight: no barbecue

Day Eight
Breakfast – Oatmeal (w/ cinnamon, Splenda and golden raisins)
Lunch – Cottage Cheese
Snack – Mixed Nuts
Dinner – Scrambled Eggs with cheese
Water: ~80 oz
Weight: 178.1

Today was the day of sucky meals. The oatmeal was the one redeeming meal of the day and, unfortunately, it was the first one we ate. Expletives are getting longer when discussing the consumption of eggs in this household. After Thursday, I don’t forsee an egg being consumed around here anytime soon. Honestly, I didn’t consume a whole lot of food today. I wasn’t avoiding food. I just wasn’t hungry. I ate a decent amount of oatmeal and then ate some eggs tonight, but I only nibbled on the cottage cheese and the mixed nuts.

Sean went in to work today. He bargained with his managers to work today so that he could take Friday off for his surgery without them griping too hard. He wound up working a longer day than usual, taking on 6 extra accounts that aren’t usually his. I’m still impressed that he met me at the gym, as agreed, and still swam today. He’s really exhausted tonight.

I got to stay home from work today. My original intent was to get some office work done at home, but when I woke up this morning, I realized that I had been putting off a lot of household chores lately. So, the house got scrubbed from top to bottom this morning and afternoon. Things actually look a little organized around here again. *gasp*

I’ve discovered that the hardest part of the weekends is consuming enough water. You would think it would be easier since I’m at home most of the time. Water’s in the fridge. The problem is, I’m usually not sitting still while I’m at home. I’m doing stuff or we’re running errands up in town. I forget about drinking water. When I’m at the office, I keep my bottle of water next to my desk so I just drink it absent mindedly. It’s part of my routine at work. It even comes with me to meetings. It’s a good way to stay awake at the more boring meetings. Oops. Did I say that out loud? Either way, I’ll be back at work tomorrow, so my water consumption will go up again.

I missed getting to eat food off a grill today. Thanks to my father, it’s very embedded in me that on the Fourth of July, you should grill and eat outside and then enjoy the fireworks. No grilling this year. Eggs don’t grill too well. Instead, I think we might head up to the entrance of our neighborhood and see if there are any fireworks in the distance. At least we’ll be able to enjoy that part of the Fourth. For everyone else, though, I hope you had a great Fourth of July and so long as you’re not in Arizona, I hope you had lots of fun blowing up your own fireworks.