Let’s Talk Homebrewing

One year ago Kat and I started homebrewing for the first time the day after Christmas. For a long time we have both been passionate about craft brewing and the interest in trying it ourselves culminated in Kat getting me a good basic/intermediate extract homebrewing kit from a local homebrew shop. Since that time has passed we brewed up 7 beers and one cider each in a 5 gallon size. Yes, it is quite a bit of beer and we have been gladly sharing and giving away quite a bit to friends and family. I have been trying to recruit locally some more folks to the world of homebrewing, and even hosted a session where we brewed up a Pumpkin-Spiced porter. Admittedly that was a really good beer, and I hope that it inspires some of our friends to start playing around with the idea of trying it on their own. I always have told folks that for around 150 bucks I could get them started, much less than most people think.

This year for Christmas we have stepped up our brewing game. We are now the proud owners of a full grain, 15 gallon system. Now this does not mean that every batch is going to be that large, in fact we probably will limit ourselves to 10 gallons just for space and time considerations. We also now have a 5 gallon keg, so that means half of the batches will get kegged, and the other half bottled. It also means now I have to figure out a way to get a draft system going in the house, what a pity and I have already started the research. I am looking forwarding to giving it a shot, and Kat has picked out our next brew, a Chocolate Milk Stout. I know that the both of us are looking forward to the end product.

Anyone who has spent some time with us talking about beer and homebrewing can see the passion that Kat and I share. We have made a pact to try and visit a brewery, either large or small in every state. So far we have knocked off Arizona, Georgia (just a few days ago going to Sweetwater), Boston, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Colorado, and New Mexico. Still a bunch out there to get too, but a really fun life goal. You may see me posting more information about homebrewing in the future, it has really become a passion for me and I do lots of reading and researching on the topic and I will do my best to put it into posts here.



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