weekly menu – 7/26/2010

I’m going to try something new with the weekly menu. Instead of posting what we’re planning on having, I’m going to post what we had the past week. Since we try to experiment with new recipes, this gives me a chance to pass along any ideas on the new recipes.

Monday – Turkey, Brie & Arugula Paninis

Paninis are a great way to jazz up the standard sandwich. Turkey, brie and arugula is a combination that we tried recently with another recipe and fell in love with. Super simple and yet delicious. We served this with some chips and that’s it. Not totally balanced, but it’s a quick, simple and delicious meal.

Tuesday – Chicken Broccoli Ziti Skillet
This is an old standby recipe from America’s Test Kitchen. Everything is cooked in a single skillet which keeps this an easy meal to clean up after. The dish also gives us leftovers for lunches.

Wednesday – Salmon BLTs
Well, we would have had salmon BLTs if our power hadn’t gone out right as Sean was starting to cook the salmon filets. We settled for BLTs with pesto mayo. Still very tasty sandwiches and after the power came back on we still cooked up the salmon for leftovers.

Thursday – Date Night
Every once in a while one of our favorite local microbreweries does a special half-barrel tap. This was one of those nights, so we planned happy hour at Sleepy Dog Brewery. After sampling a tasty beer, we also tried an Indian restaurant called Royal Taj. Sean had to convince me to go in because it was dead when we got there, but the food was quite tasty and the service was quick, so we’ll definitely be trying that place again.

Friday – Arrive Derci
We had made plans to introduce friends to our favorite local Italian restaurant. Arrive Derci is this small Italian restaurant where all of the waiters are awesome and the food is always delicious. If you’re ever in Phoenix it’s definitely on our top 5 list of places to try.

Saturday – Prosciutto Arugula Risotto
One of our wedding gifts was a set of Williams-Sonoma cookbooks. One of those cookbooks is for risotto and has a collection of rather good recipes. This was one we hadn’t tried yet. The risotto is really just a basic recipe cooked with chicken stock. The serving bowl is lined with prosciutto and then arugula and parmesan shavings are added to the top of the risotto once it’s served. The heat from the risotto cooks the prosciutto just a bit and also wilts the arugula. Nice flavor combination although the prosciutto was a little hard to cut through. Another option would be to fry up bits of prosciutto and sprinkle on top of the risotto with the arugula.

Sunday – Ribeye Steak Dinner Salad
You didn’t really think that we would get through a whole week without a dinner salad did you? Sean grilled a couple of ribeye steaks that were just seasoned with Butcher’s Rub from Savory Spice Shop. These topped a salad of arugula, spinach and Bibb lettuce with tomatoes, bell pepper, cucumbers and croutons. It was a nicely well rounded salad with a bit of a splurge topping it with thinly sliced ribeye steak.

Hope this inspires you to cook one more meal at home this week!

2 thoughts on “weekly menu – 7/26/2010

  1. Needs moar photos!

    Didn’t we go to Arrive Derci? Seems like we did. [Also, I am feeling guilty for realizing that the last time I was in Phoenix to visit y’all was SIX YEARS AGO.]

  2. We might have. It’s been a long time favorite of ours, but I’m not certain when we discovered it and well, it was SIX YEARS AGO (no, of course I’m not guilt tripping you at all. ;)) I promise we’ll take you next time you visit, but not a moment sooner.

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