mother nature steps in

I was planning to post our weekly menu last night. Tuesdays are one of my few free nights each week and weekly menu posts take a little while to write, so it was going to be perfect. That’s when Mother Nature decided I had too much free time.

Since it’s been getting hotter lately, we decided to increase our watering schedule for our plants. When Sean went outside to do that I decided it would be a great time to make sure all of our drip heads were still working on said irrigation system. Turns out that half of our front yard drip irrigation wasn’t working. This meant that Sean and I got to spend the next two hours in the muggy evening air digging up irrigation line. Apparently the builders decided that there was no issue running an irrigation line 3 inches from a young mesquite tree. Six years later, that mesquite tree has quadrupled in size and the root system has grown around the irrigation line and finally broken it.

Thankfully, my husband in his constant wisdom keeps extra irrigation line and connectors around so we were able to get the problem fixed, but not until late evening and afterwards we were mud covered and tired. I’m sure you’ll understand if it takes me an extra day or two to get that weekly menu posted.

4 thoughts on “mother nature steps in

  1. I kid you not. You get out to Arizona during a good monsoon season like we’re having now and yes, you get muggy. 60% humidity. Blech.

  2. True. I remember the 90% humidity from summers in New Orleans. Don’t miss it too much. 60% is about my tolerance, at least when it’s hot outside.

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