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At the end of May, beginning of June, Sean and I took a trip with Misty and Stephen to the United Kingdom. We spent several days in London and then proceeded to drive as much of the country as possible, getting as far north as Edinburgh, Scotland and as far south as Brighton. So, here’s a quick roundup of our trip in photos. If you want to see the entire set of photos just click here. Oh, and for another perspective of the trip, here’s Misty and Stephen’s photos.

For the first few days on our trip, other than sitting on a plane and standing in line at customs, we spent the time in London. We tried to do everything from the British Museum IMG_1736.jpg
to the Tower of London DSC_2083.jpg
to St. Paul’s Cathedral.
It was a lot to do and we knew we wouldn’t get everything in, but we certainly gave it a good try.
I even managed to get some yoga in while I was in London. DSC_2196.jpg

Next, we started to head north, going through Wakefield to visit a school that Stephen spent a semester at in college.
We even got to cross a Haha bridge while were there.

Hadrian’s Wall was conquered on our way up to Edinburgh.

Castles were conquered and views were enjoyed while we were in Edinburgh.

We even managed to visit the Castle Aaarrgghhhhhhh…. on our way back south. DSC_2417.jpg

We managed to make it to Anne Hathaway’s Cottage.

And Stephen got to pretend to be a nutcracker.

Cool British cars were seen at the British Motoring Museum.

And great feats of scientific and mathematic innovation were appreciated at Bletchley Park.

We waved goodbye to Misty and Stephen at this point and continued on to Brighton to see the Royal Pavilions.

On our way to Bath, we had a last minute change of plans and got to see Goodwood Motoring Circuit IMG_1809.jpg

and lots of very beautiful, powerful cars. DSC_2666.jpg

Bath and its architecture were breaktakingly amazing. DSC_2725.jpg

We even managed to cram in a last minute side trip to Stonehenge DSC_2785.jpg
before finally getting on an airplane and waving goodbye to the wonderful Brits.

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  1. Not quite, just coincidence. But I must admit we had a lot of fun calling the Minis we saw on the road while we were in the UK. 😉

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