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I know I haven’t posted in a while. At some point, I’ll get around to finishing the saga post of our trip to England, but in the mean time, I’ve had a chance to clean up our newest member of the family and post some pictures. Everyone, welcome Hammond, our 2007 Mini Cooper S, to the family.


Several months ago, Sean came to the very difficult decision that his Subaru Legacy GT was not helping his back out, so he sold it. The Miata is no longer a great daily driver, so we needed to get another car to replace the Legacy. Sean took the Fit as his daily driver and suggested that perhaps we look at a Mini Cooper as the new car since he knew I had drooled over them for several years now.

After a bit of looking around (mostly done by Sean since he actually knows how to hunt a car down online), we found what we were looking for over in Oakland, CA. Good record, good mileage and it was a beautiful color combo I couldn’t resist. A few days, many trips to several banks to work out the details of the loan, and some inquiring online, my new car was loaded onto a transport truck to be delivered to our house.

This is where it gets a bit tragic. While the transport truck driver was signing the paperwork at the dealership to take possession of my car, a driver came down the road and drove up the ramp of the truck into the back of my beautiful car. Long story short, a couple of days later, my car was delivered to me broken, but we had an insurance claim open against it already and I just had to take it in and get it fixed. Two weeks later and the day before we left for England on our vacation, I finally got my car back looking brand new and beautiful again.

Thus the reason for this taking so long to post about. Hammond has already been on a camping trip with us. We went up to the Mogollan Rim for the weekend of the 4th to avoid the heat for a couple of days. He performed quite admirably on very bumpy forest roads in the depths of Arizona and it’s amazing how much camping gear you can actually fit into the back of that car.


I’m sure before long we’ll have more fun stories to post about the adventures with the newest member of the family.

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  1. You owe us more England stuff and your menu planning … 🙂

    I love that you felt that you had to explain that it was Sean doing the car-looking. We all knew that! 😉

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