the long road home

Sean and I made it back home to Phoenix tonight. Farmington was fun. It was an awesome experience going to an SCCA National Tour event. I’m officially hooked and can’t wait to get a chance to do another one. On an exciting note, Sean and I both managed to trophy in our respective classes. Sean ran CS (C Stock) and got second place (he was behind the leader by only .6 seconds, which is really close!). I ran CSL (C-Stock Ladies) and got first place. Mine wasn’t quite as exciting as I was only running against one other person, but my times were actually comparable with the times in CS, so that’s cool for me. Anywho, I’ll finish posting pics tomorrow and do a more thorough write up of the event. For now, I’m off to shower off the last of the grease, dirt and sunblock from my skin and get some sleep.

the road to farmington

The road to Farmington, NM (or multiple roads in our case) was long. 6 and a half hours long. Sean picked me up at work at 1pm today and we immediately hit the road, stopping for dinner along the way. As much as it was long, it was pretty as well, though, and we definitely had our amusing moments. Here’s a bit of a photo journal of our trip, with a picture of Sean and me laughing it up in the car on our grand journey.


It’s 10pm New Mexico time, though, so it’s bed time for now. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.

off to the races

Sean and I are off to Farmington, NM this weekend (about 7 hours northeast of Phoenix) for a weekend of car racing. Some good friends of ours in the local autocross group invited us to co-drive their 10 anniversary edition Miata at the national tour event with SCCA. Of course, we couldn’t turn the opportunity down, so we’re loading up our set of race slicks and luggage in the Fit tomorrow and after I get off work, we’re heading out of town.
I’m sure I’ll have pictures aplenty from the weekend as both cameras are coming with us, so more to come later. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

sunday relaxation

Sundays tend to be days of relaxation for us around here. We try not to make plans for this day and instead just try to recharge our batteries in preparation for another week. Yesterday, on our errands run we had lunch at Red Robin, which happened to be next to a BevMo. On a whim, we went into the BevMo after lunch and were poking around. I picked up some Label Lifters for some wine labels I’ve been wanting to keep and as we were checking out, Sean saw a special Guinness near the register. This year is the 250th anniversary of Alec Guinness signing the lease on the St James’ Gate brewery. In celebration, they’re releasing a special edition of the beer. Unable to resist a chance to drink more Guinness (the beer of choice in our household), we picked up a 6-pack. It’s a little pricey at $11.99 for a 6-pack, but we figured it was still cheaper than going to a bar and getting a pint.

Today, we decided to try the beer along with one of the bottled versions and one of the canned versions that we already had sitting in our beer fridge.


A couple of notes about the special edition. It’s yummy for one. Not like that’s a surprise, but I still felt that it needed to be noted. It also doesn’t have the nitrogen widget that all of the other versions do. As a result, it doesn’t have the smooth finish that the other two did. It does have an intense flavor, though, with more of the chocolate and coffee notes that regular Guinness has. Overall, I’m glad we got the 6-pack and we’ll enjoy drinking the other 5 of them still sitting in our fridge, but I’m also perfectly happy with the regular Guinness we had along with the taste testing.