reading frenzy

Whenever Sean and I go on a trip, many books are consumed. It keeps me busy on airplanes, where I would otherwise get insanely bored very quickly. It also makes a trip to the beach all the more enjoyable when I can soak up some Vitamin D while enjoying a good book. This past Christmas when we went to Hawaii was no exception. I averaged one book read every two days while we were there. I’m not a fast reader, so this was pretty good for me.

Normally, when we get back home, my reading drops back to one book every few weeks because the only time I read is at night before going to bed, when equates to about 10 minutes of reading a day. This time, though, I kept reading all the time. Our TV hasn’t come on too much since coming home. My RSS feeds have languished from inattention on my part. Google Reader reminded me this morning that I have more than 1000 unread posts in my feed right now. I also have been trying to leave work an hour earlier than I normally do (ie, cut my 10+ hours per day down to a more manageable 9+ hours per day) and chill at my favorite coffee shop until my yoga classes start. What would I do to keep myself amused at my coffee shop, other than banter with my favorite baristas? Read, of course!

In the month of January, according to Good Reads, I’ve read 7 books. This isn’t entirely accurate, because I’ve read four of them twice this month (I’m hopelessly addicted to the Twilight saga now). So, that’s 11 books. Here’s the breakdown:

Twilight (498 pages) – read twice
New Moon (563 pages) – read twice
Eclipse (629 pages) – read twice
Breaking Dawn (756 pages) – read twice
The Quilter’s Apprentice (272 pages)
Kushiel’s Mercy (700 pages)
Griffin and Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence (48 pages)
Peeps (336 pages)
The Cuisines of the Axis of Evil and Other Irritating States (320 pages)

That totals out to 6568 pages read in one month. Divide that by 31 days and you get approximately 211 pages per day. No doubt the majority of that reading was done on my weekends, but still, that’s an extraordinary amount of reading for me in one month. It’ll be interesting to see if I can keep this up into February.