my day in pictures

I’ve always wanted to post what some of my morning sunrises look like as I drive into work. Well, here’s a particularly nice one with lots of fluffy clouds.


I’d post pictures of what my day at work is like, but ummm… yeah, I’d get fired for that, so just imagine what it’s like working in a cube in a concrete windowless room and you’ll get what it was like at work today. 🙂

The best part of the day, though, was at 4pm, when I made my way to Four Peaks Brewing Company (only 5 miles away from my office) and got to enjoy several pints of their just tapped today pumpkin porter seasonal beer.


Yeah, it’s yummy. That made up for anything bad that could have happened earlier in the day.

Oh, and just for fun. Here’s a pic of one of my coworkers giving his thumbs up for the pumpkin porter. Yes, there were several of us who gathered there after work tonight.


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