everyone stinks on camelback

Every October, one of my coworkers starts coordinating weekly hikes up Camelback via the Echo Canyon trail. They’re always on Saturday mornings, first thing before the heat of the day kicks in and before college football games start. Seriously. We have die hard college football fans in my office. Anyway, I digress. This Saturday was the first hike, but since Doug was in town and we had our fruit and veggies to pick up, Sean and I opted out. To make up for having opted out of yesterday’s hike, though, we decided to hike up Camelback this morning. Instead of torturing Doug with Echo Canyon, which is an incredibly difficult climb, we decided to try Cholla Trail, which is supposed to be at least a level of difficulty easier.

My comments on Cholla? Don’t ever hike it if you’re afraid of heights or falling. Seriously. I have a fear of falling, that most of the time I can keep under control, but there were a couple spots on the trail where you’re hiking a very narrow ridge and it’s a nasty drop off on both sides that nearly had me in tears. Other than that, it was honestly a pretty good trail. It’s 2.8 miles as opposed to Echo’s 2.2 miles. The first half of the hike is actually pretty mild. It’s a steady incline with a pretty well-defined and laid out trail. The second half of it is where it gets kind of hairy. At that point, there’s no good way to lay out a trail because you’ve hit granite at this point and the only way to get around it is to climb up it. I made it, though. So did Doug and Sean (my resident mountain goat).

Here’s Sean and Doug harassing each other at the top.


The link will also take you to the other few pictures I snapped along the way or at the summit. Next week? I think I’ll stick to Echo Canyon trail from now on. Oh yeah, you can thank Sean for the title, too. It was a comment he made on the trail today and it was too funny not to share with the world.

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  1. I couldn’t find the link to the other photos you took along the hike. Have a nice evening with Dad tonight.
    Mom M

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