testing… one, two, three…

The next couple of weeks are going to be kind of busy for me, so excuse lack of posting. My project was supposed to start formal testing Monday morning. It’s now Tuesday night and we’re just getting our test products installed and ramping up. Hrm… Starting off two days behind schedule isn’t usually good. Here’s to hoping that the testing itself goes well and I can take a deep breath in two weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy an addicting game that’s been consuming a good bit of my free time for a while. Fantastic Contraptions!

pic of the day

It’s rare that you see a picture of both Sean and myself, seeing as how usually one or the other of us has to actually be holding on to the camera. No more! Sean being the kick butt, completely awesome husband that he is, bought me a pocket-size camera yesterday for our anniversary. So, here’s a picture of the two of us, after having a delicious breakfast of chai french toast and tea, on our fifth year anniversary. Oh yeah, and it’s the first picture that I took with my cool new camera.

Kat & Sean


Today, 5 years ago, Kat and I got married on a stormy afternoon. The thunderclap during the vows could have not been more predicting, because I have been awestruck with you sticking by my side.

At the time I knew that the person I was standing next to was extremely important to me, but I think I never understood the scope of that importance.

I think now that I never will, and in this case it is a great thing.

I do know that I am constantly being surprised at the little things I find myself doing to make her happy, and the things she has done in return. While there are ups and downs, the ups far outweigh the downs.

So whatever the future may hold Kat, I love you and thank you for taking the journey with me.


photo catchup

I’ve unfortunately been rather remiss in posting photos that I’ve been taking all summer. Part of the reason is that I really just finished editing all of the photos a couple of weeks ago and then didn’t get around to posting them on flickr until I got back in town from my trip to Huntsville. So, here’s a recap of the trips that Sean and I’ve been on this summer and links to the resulting photos.

San Diego
This year is Sean’s and my 5th year anniversary. As part of celebrating our anniversary, we decided to take a five day cruise out of San Diego down to Mexico and then spend a couple extra days cruising around San Diego and watching the Fourth of July fireworks on the bay. The cruise was fun, but we really enjoyed our time in San Diego even more. After getting off the cruise, we wandered up north to La Jolla and had lunch up there and wandered the beaches. Beautiful! We stayed in the Gaslamp Quarter, which is part of the old town area. It was also walking distance from the bay, so we didn’t have to deal with driving to and from the fireworks, which was a definite boon. We also wandered around parts of Balboa Park. We loved the park and there’s definitely stuff that we want to go back and visit on another trip.

High School Reunion

At the end of July was my 10 year high school reunion down at ASMS. I couldn’t pass up a chance to see some of my friends, especially the awesomest roomie I ever had. Hi Evonne! It was also the first chance that I had to show Sean my high school. It’s changed a lot since I went there, but it was still great to see the school again and all of the improvements that have been made in the past 10 years. It was also great catching up with everyone in my class and seeing how well everyone’s done.

New Orleans
In order to get to my high school reunion in Mobile, AL, Sean and I actually flew in and out of New Orleans (much cheaper than Mobile!). As a bonus to the reunion, we stayed a couple of days in New Orleans. Part of me needed to see what the town that I spent so much of my childhood in looked like in the aftermath of Katrina and this was the first time that I could get up the courage to see a town so much changed from my memory.
Sean and I also took advantage of being in New Orleans to eat at two of John Besh’s restaurants, August and Luke. Two yums up to both of them. I would go back to both of them in a heart beat. August was definitely the fancier, more upscale. It was more traditional French cuisine mixed with local ingredients and a bit of Creole cooking. Luke was a bit more casual with a tendency towards a cross between a butcher’s shop and a seafood shop style menu. I’m glad we went to both of them, though. We also found the restaurant that we had had great red beans at last time we were in New Orleans. For the record, it’s called Alpine and it’s just off of the Northwest side of Jackson Square, about a block down. Seriously good red beans. Oh yeah, and there’s no way you could drag me out of New Orleans without at least one chance to eat at Cafe du Monde.
It also gave me a chance to go down to my family’s plot in one of the cemetaries and document it. I’ve got five generations of my mom’s side of the family there and I felt it was important to document that my family was there at one point even if none of us live there anymore. The house photos are of the house my great aunt used to live in in New Orleans. It survived Katrina with no problems (note that it actually sits on a hill). The current owners have also really fixed the house up well and it looks beautiful. I’m just sad that the magnolia I used to climb as a child is gone now.

This was a trip that Sean didn’t take with me. He had classes to attend back in Phoenix, so I went on my own. Back in January when I was last in Huntsville, Misty asked if I wanted to come and keep her company while Stephen was at DragonCon, since neither Sean nor I were planning on going to Con this year. I was like, “Are you kidding me?! A week getting to spend time with you and your two awesome kids?! Sure!” So, there I found myself at the end of August making a hop to Huntsville for 10 days to spend time with Misty and the locals as well as a few days with my family. It was a blast. I love getting to go back and spend time with Sean’s and my friends back in Huntsville as well as all of the new friends that have been added to the group since we moved away. The best part, though, was getting to spend lots of time with Misty and her two awesome kids (as previously stated). We had a great time, playing in water fountains and going to the Huntsville Botanical Gardens and just getting a chance to hang with the locals. I was sad to leave Huntsville, but alas, my job did await me back in Phoenix and I can only avoid it for so long.

Between all of these trips, I was also spending a lot of my time in Denver for work, so I haven’t spent a lot of time in Phoenix this summer. Now, though, I’m back in Phoenix, happily installed back in my own home and I think I’ll stay here for a while, if I can help it. Hope you enjoy the pics!