Bachelor Status = Car Stuff

Since Kat is off and about visiting Misty this week I am once again playing the bachelor. Now for some guys this would mean a cry of Freeeeeedom!!!! and possibly partying like a pants-optional rockstar. For me it means some quality time under the hood of a car, or under the car depending on what I am working on.

This morning it was some time for fixes on the miata, which has held up extremely well considering the way we drive it (and the way Kat inherited her dad’s lead foot). So I am replacing the crank angle sensor o-ring on the car this morning. I have gotten it out but the seal has been leaking oil for awhile now. Unfortunately this means it drips on to the return heater hose (part of the cooling system) so I reached down and squeezed the hose, it was squishy, they are not supposed to be squishy. No I have called the local dealership and they luckily have one in stock in the warehouse. So just typing this up while waiting for the call that they have it at the stealership.

I think the job would have taken me less than an hour if I did not have to do this. But I guess while I am replacing this part the car will get a coolant change as well. I believe when I take off the hose it is going to make a nice mess. Le sigh.

The only good part is that we have been blessed with quite a bit of rain this past week, so it looks like the temp today might hit 100, which is lower than the normal of around 106 this time of year. Small victories I know, but I will take what I can get.