Car Update

Woo, got all the bits back together now, just going to put back in the coolant and then set the timing. Of course I found out the the timing light I borrowed from a friend is an old old style and that it won’t work on this car. Oh well, looks like I need to go pick one up, one more item off the list I guess.

Edit: Got everything together, the car runs and is happy again. I do usually hurt myself at least once,so this time burned myself on hot engine parts getting things buttoned up. The the normal tool has been made and it is not bad. Maybe I will tackle the pesky exhaust problem or change out the fuel filter tomorrow.

Bachelor Status = Car Stuff

Since Kat is off and about visiting Misty this week I am once again playing the bachelor. Now for some guys this would mean a cry of Freeeeeedom!!!! and possibly partying like a pants-optional rockstar. For me it means some quality time under the hood of a car, or under the car depending on what I am working on.

This morning it was some time for fixes on the miata, which has held up extremely well considering the way we drive it (and the way Kat inherited her dad’s lead foot). So I am replacing the crank angle sensor o-ring on the car this morning. I have gotten it out but the seal has been leaking oil for awhile now. Unfortunately this means it drips on to the return heater hose (part of the cooling system) so I reached down and squeezed the hose, it was squishy, they are not supposed to be squishy. No I have called the local dealership and they luckily have one in stock in the warehouse. So just typing this up while waiting for the call that they have it at the stealership.

I think the job would have taken me less than an hour if I did not have to do this. But I guess while I am replacing this part the car will get a coolant change as well. I believe when I take off the hose it is going to make a nice mess. Le sigh.

The only good part is that we have been blessed with quite a bit of rain this past week, so it looks like the temp today might hit 100, which is lower than the normal of around 106 this time of year. Small victories I know, but I will take what I can get.

fairy tale weddings

I’ll be the first to say that my wedding wasn’t exactly fairy tale material. It was gorgeous and I wouldn’t have asked for anything except for what I got, but thunder, lightning and rain don’t make for fairy tale weddings. Apparently, though, for those brides that truly want a fairy tale wedding, you can now buy wedding dresses either lifted straight out of Disney’s fairy tales or at least inspired by them. Cool idea. I’m just wondering how many people really want to be married in a Disney dress.

I’m free!

After the grueling work schedule that I’ve been trying to slog through lately, I’m finally done for a couple of weeks at least. Today marked my last day of work before a much anticipated and now much needed vacation. Tomorrow, I hop on a plane and head to Huntsvegas. Woohoo!


I’m sick this weekend. After 6 weeks of being on business travel and 3 more weeks before then preparing for said business travel with 60+ hour work weeks, my body has finally been allowed to relax for a couple of days (I wouldn’t really call it relaxing, but I only worked 55 hours this past week, so my body takes that as relaxing). And what does my body reward me with by letting it relax? I get a cold. It all started with a sore throat Wednesday night. Thursday morning I woke up feeling like I’d been beaten with sledge hammers all night. Blissfully, Friday was one of my normal 9/80 off-Fridays (well, they’re not so standard when you’ve got a compressed software delivery schedule to finish, but I decided to splurge this week), so I got a day to rest at home. Friday commenced as a day of rest, craft projects that I’ve been wanting to get done before my trip to Huntsvegas, locking Kudzu in a bathroom until she surrendered a urine sample for the vet and drinking lots of hot tea to soothe my still slightly sore throat. Fun times. Today, my cold has become a cough and nose blowing session. I will be better by Tuesday. I don’t care what my body thinks.