Admission of Guilt

So as many of my friends and family might know, I never did complete a degree attending college. I went to three different schools before a combination of indifference and lack of money did me in. I have always regretted that fact.

This past spring Kat and I talked about this, and since GoDaddy has a program for tuition reimbursement we thought it best to see what it would take for me to go back and actually complete a degree. Well as it turns out, it is fairly feasible.

I applied to ASU and as of this past Friday, I will be attending classes again starting this Fall. I will be working on a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. So yes Mom, I did get my acceptance letter.

Here’s to expensive pieces of paper, and dreams fulfilled.

8 thoughts on “Admission of Guilt

  1. Indeed. Go forth and kick ass.

    It’s an expensive piece of paper, yeah, but it’s tangible proof that you can tackle a multi-year project and finish it. Amazing how employers like that sort of thing.

    Hooray for you! 🙂

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