Admission of Guilt

So as many of my friends and family might know, I never did complete a degree attending college. I went to three different schools before a combination of indifference and lack of money did me in. I have always regretted that fact.

This past spring Kat and I talked about this, and since GoDaddy has a program for tuition reimbursement we thought it best to see what it would take for me to go back and actually complete a degree. Well as it turns out, it is fairly feasible.

I applied to ASU and as of this past Friday, I will be attending classes again starting this Fall. I will be working on a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. So yes Mom, I did get my acceptance letter.

Here’s to expensive pieces of paper, and dreams fulfilled.


A couple of weeks ago, my car hit a major milepost. As most of you know, my car is my baby. It’s a 1997 Mazda Miata M-Edition. It was the last year they made the first generation Miatas. It’s a fun little car to drive around. In the 5 years that I’ve owned it now, I’ve never once regretted buying. It makes my hour long commute into work at least a little more fun to drive.

Sean and I had been noticing that my car was getting up there in the mileage recently, so instead of letting the odometer hit the big 100,000 on my way into work one morning, we decided it was time to escape the heat of Phoenix for a day and drive up to Flagstaff. We figured the twisty roads would also be a great way to celebrate how much we love driving the Miata on twisty roads. On our way back into town, the odometer finally rolled. I’d carried my camera with my all day in anticipation of this. So, here are a couple pictures of me with my car and the official odometer reading of 100,000.

Okay, everyone can now continue with the assumption that Sean and I are completely crazy when it comes to cars (as if any of you ever doubted).