No New Superpowers…… Yet

So the good news is that we are back to being a two kitty household. Kudzu had her scan and she was determined to be a good candidate for having the radiation therapy and we went ahead and scheduled it for last Monday. The procedure is just an injection, but they keep the patient in a special area after the injection, Kudzu was officially radioactive and needed time to come down to a safe level before she could come home. I picked her up this past Friday and she explained to me all the way home how happy she was to be in the car. It makes me wonder why I ever thought driving in a car with a cat was a good idea. Luckily this time it was only 45 minutes, not 3 days like when I drove with Weaver out to Phoenix.

But regardless she is getting back to her normal self once she had some time to sniff around. Her one big rule right now has to deal with sleeping with us. Since she still has some of the radioactive material in her system she is not allowed to sit/sleep on us for an extended period of time. Honestly we don’t need a new post entitled “My Cat Gave me Cancer” anytime soon.

In Other news Kat has spent the last 2 weeks up in Denver for business, and so I took the opportunity to fly up to Denver for the weekend. She finally got to show me around the city she has been going to for the past 5 years. The last time I went there was during college for a snowboarding trip, and even then it was from a bus window.

We went up to Arapahoe Basin since they were still open for late season skiing/snowboarding. I finally convinced Kat that she should try snowboarding, especially since she has had problems with her ACL in the past. I also decided that I was not going to teach her myself, we tried that once, for 20 minutes and decided that marriage was more important than snowboarding.

We got her first-timber lessons and rental stuff and I gladly sent her off to class. I also decided that lessons would be a good option for me. Especially since I am self taught for snowboarding and it was only about 20 bucks more for the lessons. It ended up being great for me, I was the only one in my class (blue/black slopes) so I essentially got a private lesson. The lessons were great and I really improved my technique. I had two big spills for the day, the first one with me landing right on my tailbone, how do I know? Well I think I cracked/bruised/broke it since as of today, it still hurts. No mom, I did not go to the doctor since it’s not like they can put my butt in a cast.

I also had an incident with a bamboo pole, luckily I did not have a good hat I could take with me anymore. It was quite windy that morning so I decided to pony up an extra 5 bucks to rent a helmet and in this case it did more than keep me warm. I caught the tail of my board on another bamboo pole in a really skinny area my instructor was leading me through. It launched me into the next pole headfirst and if I did not have that helmet I am pretty sure I would have gotten a ride behind a snowmobile. Luckily no ill effects besides a dented helmet and bruised ego.

The rest of the trip was great, the weather was wonderful and it was nice seeing Kat, and for once it was me who was going back and forth to the airport.

3 thoughts on “No New Superpowers…… Yet

  1. Don’t get me started on how he has his seat set up in his car right now. It might as well be a donut pillow. 😉

    And, just so that everyone knows, yes, I enjoyed snowboarding quite well and didn’t damage myself nearly as badly as Sean did. Granted, I stayed the whole time on a nice, safe bunny slope with lots of powder to fall on.

  2. so many butt jokes I am thinking of, so little time. 🙂


    sounds like you guys are having fun. wanted to remind you that it is gram barrett’s bday tues (103 i think?? no really, i think 84, but i’m uncertain).

    took mom out to on the boarder for her honored day. we got trashed on margaritas. ok, not really. only slightly fuzzy. we bought her new dinnerware- opps, that was her CHRISTMAS present that she could never decide on. nevertheless, some cool plates, bowls and more plates were bought at target for her. we also gave her a really cool leather and metal frame with a pic of jack and marquavius in their suits. they were honored as mentor and mentee of the year by the program that we mentor quai through, so they got to go to the ritz and talk in a mic and eat good food. 🙂

    jack and I are loving the house. so big. many kids will fit. probably 8, but they have to share one bathroom. 🙂 still painting and unpacking, but it is becoming home. cali knows it is home bc she doesn’t throw up on other people’s carpet, only ours. so what I’m saying is…well, she broke in the carpet last night. boo hiss on her.

    love ya’ll and thinking about you and all your adventures of snow!

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