fuzz butt

I’ve had my office chair for a while. It’s one of those standard executive-style chairs (whatever that really means). It’s a pretty comfy chair, but it’s cloth and Weaver loves to sleep in my chair when I’m not sitting in it. The result of an uber-fuzzy cat sleeping in my office chair means that I get fuzz butt really easily. I can’t check my e-mail in the morning if I’m wearing dress slacks.

My chair has started to show it’s age a little bit and I’m tired of having to constantly use a cat brush on my chair (a lint brush doesn’t even start picking up Weaver’s fur). We’ve been looking at various different new chairs for me, but haven’t wanted to spend the money on it. This weekend we found my office chair. So far it’s actually proven pretty comfy and I’d like to just see Weaver attempt to sit on this chair.