kat 4, pagers 0

As most of you know, since I started my job as a test lead at my company, I’ve had a pager attached to my hip almost constantly. My pager has a clip on it and that gets clipped to my jeans/pants pocket. The clip on my pager, though, is not very good, so I’m constantly dropping it. In the about 3 1/2 years that I’ve had a pager, I’ve gone through three up to this point. Yesterday, I killed my fourth pager. As I stated in my previous post, Denver got snow on Sunday night. Monday morning, I went to clean the snow off my car and the pager apparently fell off my pocket. I didn’t realize this until I got into the office and went to look at what time it is (my pager’s also become my timekeeping device since I can’t have a cell phone in my office).

That afternoon, I went back to the hotel and made sure I hadn’t just accidentally left the pager in my room. Nope. Went down to the front desk and asked if anyone had turned in a black pager (because I’m sure tons of people carry around different colored pagers now a days). Sure enough, the attendant handed over my pager. At first glance, it looked fine. I figured that I would just have to let it dry out overnight and I would be good. Nope. I looked at the screen and realized that the screen had cracked in two places and the display was completely ruined. Great.

I got to explain this to both my manager and the administrative assistant who deals with all of our pagers. Both of them got a good laugh out of this. So, from now until I get a replacement (which could be up to two weeks), my customer has my cell phone number to reach me when I’m not in the lab at their place anyway.


It’s late. I’m sitting in my hotel room on yet another one of my journeys to Denver. It’s currently snowing outside. The snow started accumulating on the side of the roads while I was driving from the airport to my hotel. By the time I got to my hotel, there was the hint of snow on the roads. I’m still wired from driving. Road conditions like this, late at night, make me even more alert than I normally am driving. So, now, I just have to wait until the buzz wears off so that I can get at least a few hours of sleep before heading into the office up here in the morning, amidst a white landscape. Excuse me as I kick myself for not bringing my camera with me.

lazy saturday mornings

Since Sean works on Sundays now and I’ll be starting to fly up to Denver on Sundays for the next month or so, Saturdays have become our quiet days. Nothing beats curling up on our couch on a Saturday morning with a laptop/book/magazine, a cup of orange oolong tea and a grapefruit out of a friend’s backyard for breakfast.


Work on Saturday. A 12-hour workday today. Tomorrow will most likely be much the same. I think something went sproink in my brain at work today. This is going to be a looooong week. Oh yeah. Sean transitioned to 2nd shift today. He’s working 3:30 – midnight for at least the near term future. We’re both going to be wiped by the end of the week.