quilting drool

As I was trying to catch up on my RSS feeds from craft blogs this evening, I saw a great site that I had to link to from here. There’s a Japanese textile seller on Etsy.com that is selling gorgeous fabrics. If I hadn’t just promised Sean to curtail some of my craft spending until I used more of my already purchased fabrics, I would be ordering some of her stuff tonight. Definitely take a minute and go check out Karaku Tokyo. Just looking at these prints inspires me to start a new quilt.

what we did this weekend

Amazingly enough, we actually did a lot this weekend. The front and backyards got cleaned up and weeded (the weeding was a major accomplishment considering how much rain we’ve gotten lately). We did some cleaning up around the house. We visited with Aimee and Jake today (also a major accomplishment since our schedules hardly ever seem to coincide). We also got me a new desk for my office/craft/sewing room.

This is step 1 in my grand reorganizing scheme for my room. The problem is that I have three major hobbies that require storage and I keep track of all of our paperwork (bills, medical, finances, etc) in my room. I also need desk space to work on. The biggest problems have become that I have no more room to file paperwork anymore and I also have no room on my desk to do anything. This weekend, I was determined to find solutions to at least one of these two problems. This meant an IKEA trip was in order.

Off we went to IKEA on Saturday afternoon in the hunt for a new desk for me. An hour later (all of our trips to IKEA seem to take at least an hour), we left with a table top, four legs, a small metal filing cabinet, and a couple storage boxes. The filing cabinet fits beautifully into my closet so that it’s hidden away, but I still have access to store papers away that I don’t need access to all that often. The table is my new desk. What used to fit into my drawers are now stored away in boxes and in a basket on my desk. I’m thrilled about my new desk. It’s 7 inches longer than my old one which means I have room on my desk to hold something other than my laptop and a small stack of papers. Also, without drawers forcing my chair to be in a specific spot on my desk, I’ve got some flexibility on where everything can be on my desk. Here are some before and after shots. I guess this means the pile of papers that have been sitting in front of my filing cabinet can finally go into my filing cabinet. I’m going to be busy tonight.

When Sitting Becomes…….. Weird

Now I do understand that sitting at a desk all day long is not good for you. I know I was in better shape when I did not have a desk job. But for goodness sakes people, please do not succumb to the horrors of “The Hawaii Chair”

I don’t know if it is the chair itself, or that the people demonstrating the product act like nothing is going on, but I still have not been able to watch through the whole video.

i roll an elf

Yes, folks, you heard it here first. I have officially digressed back into the geekiness of my high school years (and people wonder why I could never get a date). A group of my coworkers have started up a D&D group. We play on our off Fridays. That way, our spouses have less room to complain about us not getting things accomplished on the standard weekend days. I actually missed the first gathering because Sean and I were back in Huntsville reconnecting ourselves to our old local roots. Yesterday, though, I started up my character. I’m a level behind everyone else, but as the main group healer, it didn’t really matter that I couldn’t fight. I just stuck behind and made sure no one else died.

Yes, you may call me Ms. Nerd now.