a trip back to my roots

Sean and I flew back to Huntsville this past weekend for a little friend time and a little family time (not an easy compromise since both parties apparently like seeing us whenever possible). The weekend was wonderful. We spent some great time with three of our best friends, talking and catching up. At some point on Friday night, someone even made the comment, “It’s like you guys never left!” I was too busy slurping down the blissful nectar of the gods also known as sweet tea to notice who made the comment, but I felt like it was a rather fitting theme for the weekend.

Many hours were spent with family and friends. It was sad having to get on the plane on Monday afternoon, but jobs and our cats awaited us back in Phoenix. This week has been rather rough getting back into the rat race. We got home really late Monday night (Tuesday morning is a better way of putting it), so we’ve been running low on sleep all week. This weekend will hopefully fix that.

I’ll also hopefully get around to posting some photos this weekend. I’ve got some photos of our visit to the Atlanta Aquarium in August, Grand Canyon photos from December and then this past weekend’s trip to Alabama. I’ve also got photos of my latest quilt (Hi Liza!) project completed. I’ll post more as soon as I get them uploaded.

Picture Updates

Just a quick heads up that our Gallery for pictures is currently borked (is that swedish?). Geof had to fix the server and we are still picking up a few pieces, we should be back up and running soon.