groundhog day

There are weeks that I feel like I’m in some sort of warped Groundhog Day. Spend a week in Denver. Fly home. Spend a week in Phoenix at my office arguing with the software developers that no, they don’t get to make decisions about testing without me involved and that yes, I really am only a phone call or e-mail away when I am up in Denver. Fly to Denver. Rinse. Repeat.

I’m back up in Denver. On the upside, it’s a week of being treated like I’m really trying to do good with my job and that I’m not a raving idiot. On the downside, I’m 590 miles away from home and Sean. If I can work enough hours this week and get enough stuff done up here, hopefully I won’t have to come back until after the new year, which means actually truly catching up on what’s going on at home and having a full weekend to take a breather and get stuff done at home.


On another note, I got my birthday present from my family this weekend. I purchased a Specialized Dolce road bike. The roads out in Maricopa are great for bike riding because they have wide smooth shoulders on them. This, on top of the continued Camelback hikes will continue getting me into better shape. I want to develop a healthy lifestyle that I enjoy keeping and that isn’t just work.

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  1. Ooooo, nice bike! Pretty – pretty thing. I’ll bring my bike pants and shoes.

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