contents of my fridge – travel edition

When I travel to Denver, I’m usually here for the whole week and since I’m here for the whole week, I like to have at least minimal kitchen facilities in my room. This limits me to staying at extended stay hotels when I’m up here. Thankfully, between a couple of my coworkers and myself, we’ve scouted out the best hotels to stay at while up in Denver for business.

As some of you (especially family members) most likely already know after Sean’s and my trip to the Northwest this year, I travel with a chef’s knife, spices, a wine stopper and a corkscrew. I also go grocery shopping at the beginning of the week for items that mainly hold me over for breakfast and lunch as well as just relaxing in my room in the evening. So, that brings us to the listing of what is in my fridge this week in my hotel room:
– 2 Sugar Free Red Bulls
– 1 20 oz Coke Zero
– 2 Breckenridge Brewery Vanilla Porter beers (there were more, but they’ve been consumed)
– Qdoba Mexican Gumbo (lunch for tomorrow)
– cookie dough (this is my occasional indulgence when I’m on travel mainly because there is no way Sean would let me just buy cookie dough to consume pre-cooking)
– 2 apples
– breakfast bars (they’re not in the fridge, but since they’re healthy, I felt like I needed to mention them after the cookie dough)

This week is a little uninteresting. I try to cook at least one meal per week just so that I’m not eating out for every meal. Maybe I’ll grill up some salmon for dinner tomorrow night…

2 thoughts on “contents of my fridge – travel edition

  1. I end up in a Candlewood Suites in Houston every time I go [like, damn, next week], and it’s got minimal facilities, but I’m never there long enough to feel like taking advantage of ’em.

  2. Too bad the hotel won’t store some stuff for you. That is if you frequent the same place each time.
    Enjoy your new backyard when you get back to Phoenix.

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