fall has descended

September in Arizona is known as the month when living in Phoenix becomes bearable again after a summer of triple digit heat and monsoon humidity. The weather still isn’t great, but mornings become pleasant, as witnessed by Sean and I starting to hike Camelback Mountain in the mornings. October in Arizona is known as the month when residents of Phoenix forget why we hate the summers so much and love the rest of the year. The windows are open. The temperature drops to the 80s during the day and 50s at night. These are the days when Sean and I can spend lazy mornings sitting on our patio sipping tea and enjoying the chocolate chip and pumpkin muffins I was inspired to bake this morning. The backyard is finally going to be installed this week. Next weekend we’re having the celebration of finally getting a backyard put into the house. An entire evening spent outside enjoying the cool weather and a nicely landscaped backyard. I love fall.

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