recharged and plugged back in

Sean and I are back from our jaunt into the wilds of southeast Arizona. The weather cooperated with us very well. It was sunny, but not hot. In fact, last night got cold enough that I was grateful for the fire and then my warm sleeping bag. It was wonderful to relax and unplug from the world even if it was just for a couple of days. Sean even got to see how well his all wheel drive worked on the car since the roads we were driving on through the mountains were gravel at the best points and just rocks at the worst. It was fun, though. I don’t think Sean and I have laughed that much in a long time and that alone was worth every bump and jar on the road. 🙂 We’re ready to hit the ground running in the morning to start off yet another week of work.

I hope everyone had a great weekend as well and that their week goes as well as I hope ours will.

One thought on “recharged and plugged back in

  1. So glad you had a fun funny weekend of camping. We laughed a lot this summer as we camped across the US.

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