to the man who’s always standing next to me

It’s our anniversary today or at least it will be in a few hours. Sean and I are celebrating four years of standing next to each other even if there were times that our hands were wrapped around each other’s throats.
We’ve been through a lot in these four years. During the entire time, though, I have always known that no matter what I could always lean upon Sean when I needed to. So, thank you, Sean for being the most wonderful man in my life (sorry, Dad). I know that I wouldn’t be where I am if I hadn’t gotten the guts up to talk to you on that fateful day in Harris. You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I love you very much for that.


note to the man standing behind me in the security line

I have a note to pass along to the man that was standing behind me in the security line tonight. Chew with your mouth closed. Seriously. I do not want to listen to every smack of your gum in your mouth as you either try to subdue a nicotine addiction or just freshen your breath. You sound like a horse. From the conversation you were having with your friend, you don’t sound like you have an IQ higher than a horse. Actually, that’s derogatory to horses. To all horses reading this blog, I apologize. By the time I got to the front of the security line, I was about to reach into the man’s mouth and rip the gum out of it just to shut him up.

Climbing back into shape

So I am lazy, lazy enough lately to let my weight get to the biggest I have ever been.

I plan on fixing that. And Kat is helping me.

A group of her co-workers has organized a group of people to take a hike every Saturday starting last week and going until… will until it gets hot again (only supposed to be 104 today!). Currently the climb is Camelback Mountain up in Phoenix, and while it is only 1.25 miles long, it goes up just over 1200 Ft in elevation. We have been doing the Echo Canyon Trail, it is the most popular. It is also the biggest stairmaster I have ever been on. I would like to tell you all about the beauty of the trail, the wildlife like hummingbirds and lizards but honestly I am concentrating on making it up the hill.

We did go last week and I was sore up until, well I was still a bit sore this morning, but we did it again. Right now it is taking us over an hour to get up, we have our fastest member doing it around 40 or so. In two places the city has put in handrails, not to keep you on the trail but because the rock face is so steep you need to use them to haul yourself up. When we get in better shape, pictures might come but for now we are carrying water and energy boosters and that is about it (oh and my inhaler).

So here is to strenuous climbs and smaller bellies.

If you want to take a look at what the climb sort of looks like, I found this video of a person doing it in 25 minutes, the run it a 2x but you can see the railings at around 3:25 and 4:15, it looks like they take a slightly different path, you you can see the boulder fields (2)you have to climb up to get to the top- Google Video