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So my family has strange medical issues. Sure we get sick and all,but you can look at my family and say, “Now what exact is that?” when we reference being sick/hospital/surgery. My sister for example has issues with herniated disks in her back (already had surgery once, and has more issues now). I have had things with my allergies that resulted in surgery, and my mother was out of work for almost 8 months dealing with an issue most doctors have never heard of- conversion disorder (you can look it up on wikipedia, although it is a bit speculative).

Back to me.

So I have been having a lot of pain in the left shoulder lately. For about the last 6 weeks, it didn’t start out as bing very bad, but steadily grew to the point that I have problems lifting things and cannot raise my arm up very far. Our thoughts were a torn rotator cuff, possibly from changing tires while while autocrossing so I saw a doctor right before we left for the Northwest.

He checked me out, diagnosed it as a torn rotator cuff and wanted me to see an orthopedic specialist and get a MRI done (which is about the noisiest machine I have ever heard in a medical setting, I got earplugs while I was in it). Got that done and talked to my doctor on the Monday we were in Oregon, yup, rotator cuff issue. Guess I will have to go when we come back. So off we went.

Fast forward to yesterday when I had my appointment with the orthopedic specialist. Of course, no torn rotator cuff issue. It turns out I have a calcium buildup in the joint and you can see on the MRI. Now most people this is not an issue, you usually have a small one anyway, but sometimes it grows then the body attacks it, thus causing swelling and a ton of pain. Ask me about hydrocodone, it can be a happy friend. The solution luckily is not surgery but a cortozone shot. It will hopefully reduce that amount of attacking my body is doing at my shoulder so that it can absorb some of that calcium deposit. Not entirely effective all time, but about 90 percent so the odds are in my favor. If it does not work a second shot or surgery might be in order, and those shots really hurt, like I got slugged, so I would like for this one to work.

So just a few more weeks of (hopefully) being a bit of a gimp.

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