safe and sound

It took me a couple days to get around to typing this post. I blame it on that horrible brat named Potter. It’s all his fault that I was too lazy to do anything but read his last book. Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Sean and I made it back home from the great Northwest on Saturday evening. We’re tired, but happy travellers. Oregon and Washington treated us very well and we already miss the cooler weather.

The rain, though, seems to have followed us home. Monsoon season officially started the Thursday before we flew home and Saturday night, we got to land right before a storm blew threw. The past three nights (tonight included), we’ve gotten at least a little bit of rain. Tonight, we’re actually getting a very decent amount of rain. We’re hoping that this keeps up, as we could always use a little help out here.

That’s it for now. Since I was reading Harry Potter instead of sorting out photos after getting home, you’ll have to wait another couple of days for pictures, but I’ll post them as soon as I get to them.