still alive and relaxed

Just wanted to toss up a quick post to indicate that we’re still alive and well on vacation. I’m actually typing this curled up in bed at the inn we’re staying at in Long Beach, WA. Our room has a nice little porch that you can watch the waves roll onto the beach from. For that matter, I can watch the exact same thing from right where I’m sitting.

Enough bragging. We made it down to Medford. We saw The Tempest at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with our cousins Leanne and Tyson. We also made it up to Eugene for cousin Lindsey’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful and fun and it was great seeing a lot of family. Photos will follow most likely after we get back home. Yesterday, we drove from Eugene, OR to Long Beach, WA, crossing the border at Astoria. All I have to say about that is the bridge from one coast to another is really freakin’ long.

Today, after dragging ourselves out of bed, we’ll eventually make it up to Anderson Island in the Tacoma Bay area. Then, to Seattle for our last few days of vacation. Average temperature this vacation, 75 degrees. Total miles driven so far, 1050 miles.