We’re reconnected after a couple days of no internet access. We’ve currently moved from Portland to the Oregon Coast. The weather’s gorgeous. It was 79 degrees when we got to Lincoln City around 4pm yesterday. It was 59 degrees when we got up this morning. Sean and I are currently sitting in a small internet cafe across the street from the beach. We needed to reconnect to the internet even if for just a few minutes.

I have some beautiful sunset pictures and beach pictures from yesterday evening to post. I need to sort through them first, though. For now, we’ll finish our cups of coffee, head to the kite store to find a stunt kite that Sean has hope he can teach me to fly and I have a prayer of learning how to fly. The wind at the beach is too perfect to pass up the opportunity. We’ll be along the coast for a couple more days before heading down to Medford, OR on Thursday. We’ll catch a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival that night with family. For now, though, it’s time to unplug and go learn how to fly a kite.

2 thoughts on “re-connected

  1. Lucky! When Ashley and I were in Oregon last summer, they were in the middle of a heat wave! Temperatures regularly reached 100 degrees for the week we were there. Of course, my sister informed me that they dropped again after we left 🙂

  2. My cousin’s husband taught me how to fly a stunt kite while we were at the beach last month. I did okay (as in, only crashed it a few times) but he’s pretty good. Some of the tricks people can do with those things are amazing!

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