Shoulder Boulder

So my family has strange medical issues. Sure we get sick and all,but you can look at my family and say, “Now what exact is that?” when we reference being sick/hospital/surgery. My sister for example has issues with herniated disks in her back (already had surgery once, and has more issues now). I have had things with my allergies that resulted in surgery, and my mother was out of work for almost 8 months dealing with an issue most doctors have never heard of- conversion disorder (you can look it up on wikipedia, although it is a bit speculative).

Back to me.

So I have been having a lot of pain in the left shoulder lately. For about the last 6 weeks, it didn’t start out as bing very bad, but steadily grew to the point that I have problems lifting things and cannot raise my arm up very far. Our thoughts were a torn rotator cuff, possibly from changing tires while while autocrossing so I saw a doctor right before we left for the Northwest.

He checked me out, diagnosed it as a torn rotator cuff and wanted me to see an orthopedic specialist and get a MRI done (which is about the noisiest machine I have ever heard in a medical setting, I got earplugs while I was in it). Got that done and talked to my doctor on the Monday we were in Oregon, yup, rotator cuff issue. Guess I will have to go when we come back. So off we went.

Fast forward to yesterday when I had my appointment with the orthopedic specialist. Of course, no torn rotator cuff issue. It turns out I have a calcium buildup in the joint and you can see on the MRI. Now most people this is not an issue, you usually have a small one anyway, but sometimes it grows then the body attacks it, thus causing swelling and a ton of pain. Ask me about hydrocodone, it can be a happy friend. The solution luckily is not surgery but a cortozone shot. It will hopefully reduce that amount of attacking my body is doing at my shoulder so that it can absorb some of that calcium deposit. Not entirely effective all time, but about 90 percent so the odds are in my favor. If it does not work a second shot or surgery might be in order, and those shots really hurt, like I got slugged, so I would like for this one to work.

So just a few more weeks of (hopefully) being a bit of a gimp.

safe and sound

It took me a couple days to get around to typing this post. I blame it on that horrible brat named Potter. It’s all his fault that I was too lazy to do anything but read his last book. Don’t worry, no spoilers here.

Sean and I made it back home from the great Northwest on Saturday evening. We’re tired, but happy travellers. Oregon and Washington treated us very well and we already miss the cooler weather.

The rain, though, seems to have followed us home. Monsoon season officially started the Thursday before we flew home and Saturday night, we got to land right before a storm blew threw. The past three nights (tonight included), we’ve gotten at least a little bit of rain. Tonight, we’re actually getting a very decent amount of rain. We’re hoping that this keeps up, as we could always use a little help out here.

That’s it for now. Since I was reading Harry Potter instead of sorting out photos after getting home, you’ll have to wait another couple of days for pictures, but I’ll post them as soon as I get to them.

still alive and relaxed

Just wanted to toss up a quick post to indicate that we’re still alive and well on vacation. I’m actually typing this curled up in bed at the inn we’re staying at in Long Beach, WA. Our room has a nice little porch that you can watch the waves roll onto the beach from. For that matter, I can watch the exact same thing from right where I’m sitting.

Enough bragging. We made it down to Medford. We saw The Tempest at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with our cousins Leanne and Tyson. We also made it up to Eugene for cousin Lindsey’s wedding. The wedding was beautiful and fun and it was great seeing a lot of family. Photos will follow most likely after we get back home. Yesterday, we drove from Eugene, OR to Long Beach, WA, crossing the border at Astoria. All I have to say about that is the bridge from one coast to another is really freakin’ long.

Today, after dragging ourselves out of bed, we’ll eventually make it up to Anderson Island in the Tacoma Bay area. Then, to Seattle for our last few days of vacation. Average temperature this vacation, 75 degrees. Total miles driven so far, 1050 miles.


We’re reconnected after a couple days of no internet access. We’ve currently moved from Portland to the Oregon Coast. The weather’s gorgeous. It was 79 degrees when we got to Lincoln City around 4pm yesterday. It was 59 degrees when we got up this morning. Sean and I are currently sitting in a small internet cafe across the street from the beach. We needed to reconnect to the internet even if for just a few minutes.

I have some beautiful sunset pictures and beach pictures from yesterday evening to post. I need to sort through them first, though. For now, we’ll finish our cups of coffee, head to the kite store to find a stunt kite that Sean has hope he can teach me to fly and I have a prayer of learning how to fly. The wind at the beach is too perfect to pass up the opportunity. We’ll be along the coast for a couple more days before heading down to Medford, OR on Thursday. We’ll catch a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival that night with family. For now, though, it’s time to unplug and go learn how to fly a kite.