life as of now

Things have been really busy for me at work lately and Sean’s been too lame to write anything himself. So, here’s a quick update on what’s been going on around sunny Arizona lately.

We finally made our additions to the back porch that we’ve been talking about doing for 2 years. Now, the back porch stretches the entire width of our house. Now that we have a nicely sized back porch, we’ve also finally purchased patio furniture. For the past few nights, I’ve come home and immediately headed out to the porch to enjoy the cool evening weather with either a glass of wine or a beer in hand. It’s also been a nice place for eating dinner instead of in front of a TV.

Now that the back porch has caused change in our back yard, we’re starting to ramp up actually doing something with our backyard. There will be more on that as we actually do more.

So far as work goes, as previously stated, my job has kept me very busy as of late. We’re finally getting to the point of formally testing the software that I’ve been preparing tests for for the past 2 years (pretty much throughout the software development process). It’s nice to finally come to the culmination of why you’ve been employed for the past 2 years. I’ll just be glad to get back to a semi-normal work schedule at the end of all of this (ask me how I feel in 2 weeks).

Sean’s job is continuing very well. He’s really happy at GoDaddy and continues to do well. If we ever decide to move, I think Sean would have the hardest time leaving his current job.

That’s about it. Right now, I’m tired of looking at a computer screen, so I’m going to pack away the laptop and enjoy the rain coming down outside. Sleep is going to be very peaceful tonight with the sound of rain outside.