slew of photos

Since I find myself with at least a little bit of time on my hands (my program closes down from Christmas through New Year’s), I finally got through the rest of the photos that have been sitting on my laptop since this past August. So, I present to you a list of photo albums that I have now uploaded to Gallery.

Hawaii – Day Eight
This photo album contains pictures of the Tropical Botanical Gardens and our helicopter ride over the volcano.

Hawaii – Day Nine
There aren’t a lot of photos in this album. We took a quiet drive this day up the coast from Hilo to Waimea. On the way, there’s a beautiful waterfall, called Akaka Falls. These are photos of the falls.

Hawaii – Day Ten
After staying just north of Waimea, we wandered up to the top of Waipio Valley. We didn’t go down because the road is a wee bit treacherous especially in a large SUV like we were driving. A couple of the photos have pictures of the beach at the bottom of the valley. You can see surfers heading out to the ocean.

Hawaii – Day Twelve
After getting back to Kona, we made a day trip back to the Waimea area for lunch at the Hawaiian Vanilla Company. That evening, we got to enjoy our first real sunset in Kona (it had rained almost every evening before then).

Hawaii – Day Fourteen
On this evening we drove up to Old Airport Beach and enjoyed a beautiful sunset at the beach. The tidepools and waves created some gorgeous settings for photos.

Hawaii – Day Fifteen
It took my whole vacation to finally get a good picture of one of the many resident gecko’s at Gram’s house, but I finally got a couple good pictures.

The reason we were in Reno was, unfortunately, because Sean’s uncle George had gotten very ill. We took a couple chances to get some fresh air while we were there, though, and drove up to Lake Tahoe. I also took the opportunity to get more pictures of Sean’s family.

We flew home to Huntsville for Thanksgiving this year. For Thanksgiving dinner, we had a wonderful group of family and friends at my parents’ house. I also took the chance to snap some photos of my niece and nephew, Katera and Carlile.

Pierce’s Baptism
While we were home for Thanksgiving, my youngest nephew Pierce was baptised. Stuart took the video and I took pictures as fast as I could. Here are some of the decent ones of what I took.