Wave Goodbye

Wow, Sean is posting, it must be something monumental.

Well maybe not so much, but Kat and I took our long in the tooth waterbed apart this morning. The discovery of yet another leak within the last 2 weeks finally pushed us over the edge to get a real mattress and box springs. Compared to the less than 200 bucks that I spend building the frame and getting the waterbed bladder I think the cost was a wee bit of a shock. However, I have a feeling that this set is going to last us much longer and contribute to better sleep for the both of us. We ended up purchasing a Simmons Backcare mattress in a king size, and while we are still shopping around for a bed frame to go around it we just stuck everything on the floor. Tonight will be our sleep test and we will go from there.

Also we have decided to take our house off the market for at least the holiday season, for those who did not know we have had our house on the market in hopes that we could move up closer into town. But really, who wants to clean to perfection this time of year? So for now we are going to get some things done and enjoy the house (coming soon: an actual backyard, not just dirt!).

There you go for a quicky update!