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On this day last year, I was marooned up in Denver trying to get my work with our customer finished so that I could go home. In other words, I was not only at work on my birthday, but I was on travel on my birthday. The only saving grace to what would otherwise have been the worst birthday yet was the fact that my coworker who was also marooned up at the customer’s place took me out to dinner to celebrate.

Today, I decided to make up for last year. I’m not at work. I’m definitely not in Denver. Instead, I took the day off, slept in and went shopping all day. It’s been a great day so far. I now have a decadent dinner in the making in our fridge (filet mignon), a really nice bottle of wine (Ruffino Reserva Ducale) and Sean is on his way home. Shopping was a blast, especially since I found some awesome deals and I’m looking forward to a great dinner and a quiet evening with my husband to round off a great birthday.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful day and don’t forget to go vote.

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