more hawaii pics

Okay, so this has been taking me a little bit longer than planned to get more photos up. Sorry, sorry to those of you who have faithfully checked this site for picture updates. To tide you over, I’ve got three more days worth of photos posted now.

Day Five – While we were in Kona, we visited the only chocolate makers in the US that use American grown cacao beans. In fact, Hawaii’s the only state that grows cacao beans for production in the US. While we were out and about, we also went to the coffee roaster that Sean’s grandmother sells her coffee to. Once we got back to the house, Heather and I went hiking out into the yard and had fun taking pictures of coffee plants, flowers and plants.

Day Six – This day was our first day of five wandering around the island, seeing a little bit more than just Kona. On our first day, we travelled down to South Point, which is the southernmost point of the US. We also drove through Volcano National Park and at least saw steam plumes from the latest eruption, if not lava flowing.

Day Seven – On our second day wandering around the island, we took photos of the flowers and plants on the property of our B&B, walked around Lava Tree State Park and then one of the highlights of our trip, the observatories on top of Mauna Kea. I’ll write more about the observatories later, but suffice it to say, this was one of the best days on the trip. It was even cooler because I got to see Brad again and finally meet his wife Alice.


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