After 15 days of vacation, we’re finally back home in Phoenix. Hawaii was beautiful and relaxing and all that I could possibly have asked for in a vacation. More will be posted (including pictures) as we settle back in and can start to collect our thoughts about the trip, so keep an eye out here.

4 thoughts on “home

  1. Welcome back!
    We missed you at Con, but I heard they called you the night before I ran into them. Oh well.
    *sob* There was no pie this year! I need it, it’s like crack!

  2. KC – I guess now isn’t a good time to inform you that we’ve had pie “aging” in our fridge for about two years now, is it? 🙂 We just break into it on special occasions and it seems to get better as we go.

  3. Ahh, no way!
    I had some in my fridge for a while, but when I mover into this new place because my mom said if it was in the fridge for that long, it wouldn’t be good.
    (Note to self: Kill mom.)

    aww, man.
    I had like one of those HUGE evian bottles of pie.
    ….this sucks.
    Love you, miss you, send me pie,
    KC 😛

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