Paradise Found

I am here witing on our first morning on the Big Island. Kat, Heather, Andy and I all arrice without any problems yesterday afternoon in Kona. The plane got in early and we got our rental ginormous vehicle and headed up to the house. The other three are just facinated with the island, so I have become the default tour guide. So far we did take a trip down into town last night to pick up some sandles for Heather, and of course the cameras got thier first workout. I think we are going to have to have a combo photo album for all the pictures that Kat and Heather are taking. Other than that this is probably the most relaxed you will see any of us, something I think we can all get used to.

2 thoughts on “Paradise Found

  1. Ah, you made it to Hawaii, huh?

    Dragon – Con won’t be the same without my yearly stalking. Hope you two have a great time! Take care, love you!

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