photo post

After many weeks of lazily going through photos accumulated while Lisa, Sean’s mom, was visiting us in June, I finally have all of my photos sorted and posted online.

The first weekend that Lisa was here, we went to the Sonoran Desert Museum in Tucson. Here’s a link to these photos. The first few of these are actually at a rest stop as we drove through the Saguaro National Forest on our way to the museum. As soon as you start seeing pictures of lizards, that’s at the beginning of the pictures of the Sonoran Desert Museum. They had an exhibit at the entrance, displaying different native lizards in a home-like environment.

The next album that I posted is of our trip to the Grand Canyon on the following weekend. The first few pictures in the album are at the cottage we stayed at down in Flagstaff on Saturday night. It was old enough to actually have a milk drop, which I thought was too neat to not photograph. It also has some beautiful rose bushes on the side of the house. The next set of pictures is of the Little Colorado River Canyon, which you drive along before getting to the Grand Canyon. Finally, you get to the Grand Canyon photos. There would be more of these pictures, but at the first stop we ran into a swarm of gnats that had just hatched the night before and they particularly liked my nice bright white skin and my camera lens, so a lot of pictures were ruined with big black dots (which would represent the gnats) in them. Even so, the first few photos have smaller black dots in them that also represent the gnats, but at further distances. Oh well.