Air Cooliators

Back when I Lived in Huntsville, I worked for a small car dealership. I had this ‘client’ come in asking about trucks, specifically he wanted one with an air cooliator on it.

Last night at 3:00AM Kat and I were at Wal-Mark looking for air cooliators. No, we didn’t find anything.

I must say, living in AZ with no AC is not something I would suggest. Did you know it can hit 90 degrees inside? At night?

We are now sitting in our nicely heated house trying to get hold of the AC repair guy (luckily our warrany on the unit expires in less than a month, so the big parts are covered) and hoping that they can get someone out here today.

Otherwise we are going to make a trip to Lowes and pick up a portable unit so that the cats don’t overheat (humans too). If we can’t get anything done today, Weaver might even let me shave off all his fur at this point.

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6 thoughts on “Air Cooliators

  1. Here’s a thought for possible temporary relief. The air is dry enough out there that you may very well be able to use a trick that doesn’t work here: an evaporative cooler. Get a fan (probably the bigger the better) and rig up a way to suspend some wet cloth in front of it (maybe an old towel cut into strips almost all the way across). You’ll have to re-wet the cloth every periodically, but it should help. Since evaporation actually works in your summer climate, it should cool the air coming past the cloth quite a bit.

    Keep in mind I’ve never actually done this before, so you’ll probably have to be a bit creative with the actual implementation. The principle is sound, though.

  2. We’re actually using an evaporative cooler in the meantime. Instead of using a homemade one, though, we went out to Lowe’s this morning and picked up a ready to go swamp cooler.
    All you have to do is hook up a garden hose and then plug it in. A pump keeps pouring water over cardboard “cooling pads”. Water is sucked in throgh these cooling pads and then a fan blows the cooled air out.
    One of the things that we had to learn about these coolers is that you don’t run them in a closed home. You have to open a window in order to provide a constant source of dry air, otherwise all you do is make your home pretty my like Alabama in the summer.
    Thanks for the suggestion Jeff. 🙂

  3. After I read your post I called to get our air cooliator serviced. Guess everyone’s doing that this time of year too. They said it would be a week before they could see non-emergencies.

    Hope yours gets fixed soon and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  4. Update: The air cooliator serviceman came out this afternoon. The problem apparently was the fan’s motor. Thankfully, he had a new one in his truck. 30 minutes later, blissfully cool air was blowing through our ducts once more. I have never been so glad to feel cool air as I was then.

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