Air Cooliators

Back when I Lived in Huntsville, I worked for a small car dealership. I had this ‘client’ come in asking about trucks, specifically he wanted one with an air cooliator on it.

Last night at 3:00AM Kat and I were at Wal-Mark looking for air cooliators. No, we didn’t find anything.

I must say, living in AZ with no AC is not something I would suggest. Did you know it can hit 90 degrees inside? At night?

We are now sitting in our nicely heated house trying to get hold of the AC repair guy (luckily our warrany on the unit expires in less than a month, so the big parts are covered) and hoping that they can get someone out here today.

Otherwise we are going to make a trip to Lowes and pick up a portable unit so that the cats don’t overheat (humans too). If we can’t get anything done today, Weaver might even let me shave off all his fur at this point.

around arizona in just 8 days

Lisa, Sean’s mom, came to visit this past week. That’s the main reason neither Sean nor I have posted lately. We got back from Vegas, had a little under a week to clean the house and get back into our routines and then Lisa arrived on Saturday.

In an effort to show her as much of Arizona as possible in the 8 days she would be around, Sunday morning we headed down to Tucson to the Sonoran Desert Museum. I’ve written about this museum before. We took my parents to it this past Thanksgiving and really enjoyed the museum. This time, it was a lot hotter (approximately 100 degrees), but it had changed because it was a different season, so it was a whole new experience for Sean and me. Different flowers were blooming. The birds in the aviary were much more cooperative and visible for my camera this time. The only thing that was a little disappointing, but not surprising was that all of the other animals were taking very long afternoon naps, so we didn’t really get a chance to see any of them.

For the rest of the week, Sean and I had to go to work, but we pointed out various points of interest in Phoenix for Lisa to wander around at her own pace. One of them was Taliesin West, former winter home to Frank Lloyd Wright. Sean and I had been there before and were really impressed. Lisa wasn’t disappointed by her high reviews of the place.

Saturday afternoon, Lisa and I picked Sean up from work and headed up to Flagstaff. We spent the night in Flagstaff, eating dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant. Sunday morning, we woke up and made our lesiurely way up to the Grand Canyon, starting from the East Rim and winding up eventually at the Grand Canyon Village and the South Rim.

The drive up to the Canyon was a little boring, but once we turned off onto Highway 64, it didn’t matter anymore. We gradually made our way into the canyon, starting with the Little Colorado River Canyon. We stopped there and looked over the rim, taking lots of pictures. It was absolutely breathtaking. I don’t really know how to describe the experience properly. I think the one thought that kept going through my head is that all of human accomplishment seems small and tiny in comparison to what Mother Nature can accomplish given enough time.

We eventually did have to go home on Sunday, though. Sean and I had to get to work the next day and Lisa had a flight to catch. The drive home was blissfully not long, even though we did also stop off in Flagstaff for a little bit of ice cream. Monday morning and 4am came way too early, but it was time to take Lisa to the airport.

After a couple days of sleep, I’m starting to go through the over 600 pictures that I took between the trip to Tucson and the Grand Canyon. I’ve also got pictures from Las Vegas I haven’t had a chance to filter through yet. So, if you want to see pictures, please be patient with me. I’m trying to get some sleep this week, but hopefully I can get through all of them this weekend and start posting.