what happens in vegas…

We got back Sunday night from a long weekend in Las Vegas. Even though we’ve lived two years now not 5 hours from Vegas we had yet to go. It took my brother getting married to finally drag ourselves to Sin City.

What a blast! We spent 4 fabulous days with family and friends. Stuart and Charleen had a beautiful wedding. We got to see Ka, by Cirque du Soleil. We ate at one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants and we even managed to come home with our shirts still on our backs. More posts and pictures are forthcoming, although it might have to be over a couple weeks. Sean’s mom is coming to visit for a little over a week starting this Saturday. Time enough to get the house cleaned up and respectable for a parental visit.

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend and spent lots of time in a pool (as is only proper on Memorial Day).

Stuart and Charleen, congratulations! Charleen, even though I’ve considered you a sister for years, consider this your formal welcome to the family. You should have listened to that drunk guy and run! 😉