automatic for the people, manual for kat

A few late night musings from Kat while on the road.

Automatics suck. I’m sorry. It’s just that simple. I have apparently crossed that invisible border in most manual drivers’ lives where they just can’t go back to an automatic anymore. Seriously. Everytime I get into a rental car, I tell myself that maybe this time, the automatic transmission will be different. It’ll be better. Instead, I wind up disappointed every time. We’re not talking sucky Malibu Maxx type cars, either. This week’s car is a Subaru Tribeca. It’s a great car. The transmission sucks in it. It doesn’t know how to handle accelaration and gear ratios apparently. Either way, I’m already itching to drive a manual again.

Denver needs to get a good alternative radio station. One that can be heard everywhere in Denver. The Denver airport is up in the northeast portion of town. I work in the southwest portion of Denver. As a result, everytime I drive from the airport to my hotel or vice versa, I am stuck switching radio stations every 5 – 10 minutes because whatever meager station I’ve found to deal with is already fading out.

A harpist playing Nothing Else Matters by Metallica is actually quite good. Seriously. In my above mentioned radio station searching, I came across a radio station that was playing Nothing Else Matters, with a harp. I swear I’m not going crazy and yes, I took my meds.

Katamari Damacy is an evil game. Misty and Stephen are evil for telling us about this game. I played it late last night and all day today until I had to catch my flight. The songs are officially stuck in my head and I’m dying to get back home so that I can play it again. How do weird, quirky games l

It’s really late. I forgot that I just lost an hour flying from Phoenix to Denver. Welcome back to Daylight Savings Time. I’ve got to be up at 6am. I really should get some sleep. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.

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  1. Your best bet for a station in Denver is 93.3 KTCL. For a ClearChannel-run station, they’re actually pretty good. It can be heard pretty much statewide, and broadcasts from downtown. Barring that, 99.9 is pretty decent, but broadcasts from way up here in Fort Collins, so it’s really hit-or-miss in any part of Denver.

  2. I doubt that you would be happy with any auto, Kat, but I will say this: it depends on the auto. I drove an ’05 Outback 2.5 XT (same engine as in Sean’s Legacy GT) with an auto, and it was pretty bad. My general impression matched what I’ve read in most reviews of the auto in those cars: not very well-matched to that engine. Almost every review I saw said that the manual was MUCH better in the Subie. I’m betting Sean is really enjoying his.

    The auto in the Volvo S40/V50 T5 was better. The one in the Mazda 6 was good, but I’m REALLY happy with the 6-speed auto in the Passat. A lot of people are complaining because VW isn’t offering the 3.6L with a manual, but the auto in that car was one of the reasons I bought it. Quite responsive and willing to shift down with just a little acceleration. If I really want to scoot, the “sport” mode really does what it says. For a 3600 lb. wagon, it moves. 🙂

  3. Ha!
    Well hold onto your asses, coz I’m legal now!!
    That’s right! Someone messed up and gave KC a drivers license!
    Fear me!!!!!

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